Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Spray Insects in Your Garden this Summer

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Should Pesticides Be Banned?

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The Insect Donut is the Latest Insect Treat to Hit London

If you’re a fan of donuts, and have an adventurous palette, you may want to try the new donuts in town, insect donuts. Flavours available include a cookie and crumbs topping, shredded [...]

Decline in Insect Population Has Serious Consequences

A recent study detailed the 75 per cent decline in Germany’s flying insect population over the last 3 decades. This could have a major impact on the world’s ecosystem and agriculture. [...]

Finnish Supermarkets to Sell Insect Bread

A major Finnish food company has taken a major step in introducing insect based foods to Finland by producing the insect bread. A single loaf if comprised of 70 dried house crickets which are [...]

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