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Are you looking for patio blinds for your home? There is a great new option on the market called The SmartScreen which can shield your patio from harsh sunlight and keep insects out.

This high quality, durable new product comes in 3 different sizes depending on your patio needs, ranging up to 5.6 metres in width and 3metres in length from top to bottom.

There’s a choice between a manual and motorised option and a variety of materials to choose from– insect mesh or blind and shading materials.

Whether you want to keep insects away from your outdoor entertainment space or minimise the glare from the sun, The SmartScreen is the best choice.

What Are SmartScreen Patio Blinds?

The SmartScreen is the latest outdoor insect screen/patio blind designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

This high quality product is effective in keeping insects out of your patio naturally, without the need for toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your family.

It is also the most natural way to insulate your patio, balcony, garage or other outdoor space, helping reduce air-conditioning use in summer and retain the warmth in winter.

It also provides shade from the sun, so you can enjoy your space throughout the day.

The SmartScreen is perfectly suited to those larger openings such as patios, balconies, alfresco areas and garages but it is also suitable for indoor screening such as external windows, outward opening windows and kitchen serveries.

Having been manufactured in Australia by leading screen manufacturer Freedom Screens on the Gold Coast, the product is strong and durable, made to withstand the harsh Australian weather.

This elegant and smartly designed screen is perfect for keeping insects away from your patio, without being bulky and obvious. When not in use, the screens are neatly rolled up.

Why Choose SmartScreen Patio Screens?

If you’re looking to increase the use of your patio this summer, the SmartScreen is the smartest choice.

This product has been innovatively designed, specifically for the Australian market by our company which has 15 years of experience in the insect screen industry, Freedom Retractable Screens. We are a trusted manufacturer, offering the best quality products with a limited 5 year warranty. Our products are put through the highest quality testing to ensure they are long lasting.

Unlike regular patio blinds, these screens allow you to enjoy a patio or outdoor entertainment area free from glare and insects. It also protects you from wind, rain and the elements, so as to allow homeowners to use their patios and outdoor spaces throughout the year.

In Summer when insects like mosquitoes and flies are out in their numbers, many homeowners tend to stay indoors to avoid being bitten and pestered. By having your outdoor spaces screened, you can use them throughout the year, even when insects are out in their drones.

Another major benefit is that the space is kept insulated. So in summer, you can enjoy a cool breeze and in winter, the heat is retained naturally.

The SmartScreen can also be installed inside the home, for example on external windows.

What You Need to Know

Patio blinds normally serve only one purpose, shading from the sunlight but the SmartScreen serves a number of purposes including keeping pesky bugs away from you while you’re spending time on your patio or other outdoor entertainment area.

These screens come in 3 sizes, with a maximum span of 5.6 metres and a length from top to bottom of 3 metres.  You have a choice of materials from insect mesh or blind and shading materials and if you’re screening a larger space, there’s a motorised option available. For small areas, there’s a manual, pull-down option.

No matter the style of your home, The SmartScreen will fit in perfectly due to its slim, sleek design. Have them installed outdoors or indoors, and have a more uniform look throughout your home.

Screens help to replace harmful insect repellents and sprays that are bad for your health and the environment, so click the button below today to enquire about how we can help screen your patio area!

SmartScreen Patio Blinds picture of patio