Serge Ferrari Interior Screens

A true designer textile! The Serge Ferrari Range of Soltis 99 interior screens Now available at Freedom Retractable Screens.

For controlled brightness delivering optimal visual comfort, Freedom Retractable Screens proudly presents the Soltis 99 Interior Blinds / Screens range from Serge Ferrari Textiles. The Soltis 99 range of textiles available from Freedom Retractable Screens simultaneously offers efficient thermal protection and a greater supply of natural light while also maintaining an exceptional level of transparency and visibility toward the outside. With a superior micro-ventilated and light-weight fabric designed for increased visual comfort indoors, The Soltis 99 range which cleverly blocks out significant luminous flux, achieving less than 5% visible light transmission. The special metal finish backing eliminates undesirable glare and controls brightness providing maximum visual comfort especially well for those working on computers. Manufactured using Ferrari’s exclusive patented Précontraint process guarantees dimensional stability of the fabric, ensuring the textile shape is kept both during installation and in use. The Soltis 99 product also possesses high colour-fastness, superb dirt resistance and the extremely flat and thin properties of the textile enables easy installation and maintenance. The Soltis 99 range is available in a great choice of 17 bold and pastel shades to complement interior surroundings. Ideal for use in internal motorised or manual roller blinds and screens in offices and homes.

Colours: 17
Width: 177 / 267cm
Weight: 290 gsm
Construction: Woven polyester base cloth, weldable PVC coating
Surface Finish: Acrylic lacquer both sides
Applications: Interior Blinds
Warranty: 5 Years
Recyclable: 100%

PRECONSTRAINT Ferrari technology – The exclusive PRECONSTRAINT Ferrari technology guarantees solar protection textiles while also maintaining an extremely high level of quality. Soltis 99 meets and exceeds the thermo optical, mechanical and longevity requirements and is available is a great range of designer colours. See next page for the complete range. This amazing product is tear resistant, offers dimensional stability, it will not sag, is easy to maintain, flame retardant and will last for many years to come.

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