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September 28, 2016

interior-designWith the wonderful weather we experience in Australia, we really do love spending time outdoors so why not bring the outside in with a little nature inspired decor?

Nature inspired decor brings that feeling of relaxation into your home and its fairly simple to introduce. Another major benefit of nature-inspired pieces is that more often than not they serve both an aesthetic and practical function.

The four easiest elements you can introduce are:

  1. Reclaimed wood: Try bringing your foyer to life with wooden furniture. For example, you can make a coat rack out of a huge, gnarled tree branch or driftwood. You can also make a shoe rack out of harvested logs
  2. A live wall made of plants: These live walls typically thrive in bathrooms because of the steamy and moist air and the water spraying out of your shower. If you prefer a different location, ensure you water your plants with a spritzer at least once a week. For this, you need a vertical garden frame which is available at many home and garden shops. First, collect some garden cuttings which are at least ¼- inch long. Next, add soil to the frame and then plant the cuttings. 
  3. An indoor garden: First, cut the twine into eight equal parts for the jar’s webbing. Place the soil and plant in the mason jar before sliding it into the said webbing. Hang it up in your preferred location. You can also add some variety to your indoor garden with hanging plants. For this task, you need mason jars, hooks, twine or string, plants, and soil.
  4. Rock sculptures: Try using rocks for your door stops, paper weights, and book ends for a more rustic feel inside your home.

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