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September 19, 2016


As more and more Australians opt for low maintenance apartment living, one of the challenges is making our spaces green and bringing nature in.

One clever way to add value to our homes, affordably is to start a vertical garden. It’s fairly inexpensive, adds aesthetic appeal and if you live in an apartment, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

Some clever items that you can find lying around to start your garden include:

  • Old wooden pallets
  • Lattice columns
  • Hanging pots
  • Old ladders or chests of drawers
  • Plastic bottles hung on string
  • Stacked milk crates
  • Hanging tin buckets

Ready to create your vertical garden? Here are some helpful tips & reminders. 

  1. Your vertical garden frame is similar to a burger: the layer of fabric sheets act as the filling while the frame and plastic sheeting are the buns. The sheets also act as a base or foundation for the plants to grow. They also supply moisture to the roots. 
  2. Getting good quality soil is also imperative for optimum plant growth. Soil which has water crystals and good water retention qualities ensure proper hydration for longer periods. Water your soil with Seasol and let it settle for several days before planting. 
  3. The best plant choices for your vertical garden include ferns, moss, herbs, and succulents.    

Keep in mind that gardens can attract bugs, so make sure your doors and windows are covered with insect screens.


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