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January 2, 2016



Insects may be annoying especially over the summer, but these pests are actually needed because they contribute to keeping the ecosystem healthy.

A recent article on highlighted how these insects play various roles in the ecosystem including Huntsman spiders who are natures own pest controllers, eating cockroaches and other insects. If many people knew about this benefit, they would happily have one huntsman spider in their household. Unfortunately, these hairy arachnids’ bad reputation overshadow their usefulness.

Cockroaches are probably one of the most hated insects on the planet but they have a purpose too, providing fodder for other insects.

Other insects play pivotal roles in the ecosystem. For example, Christmas beetles recycle soil nutrients. Cicadas are among birds’ favourite prey. Since male cicadas sing loudly in an effort to lure a potential mate, predators are more likely to swoop in. Mosquitoes are the preferred prey of many frogs, fish, bats, and birds. 

Even bush fly maggots are valuable in some respects because they help decompose waste materials and rubbish. 

Unfortunately these insects don’t understand our boundaries and sometimes wander into our spaces unknowingly, make sure you have your screens in place,so that you are free to enjoy your summer while they are free to do what they do.

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