June 11, 2019

One of the most important parts of owning a home is creating a comfortable and practical environment to live in. Living in Australia, it can be sweltering and humid in Summer, so many homeowners look to install insect screens to keep their families comfortable and safe all year long. Here are 5 reasons to install insect screens in your home.

Enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze

Insect screens allow you to enjoy the fresh air and natural cool breezes. Fresh air is known to boost your immune system and refresh your whole body. Many people spend so much time working in air conditioning, so it’s a great idea to come home and enjoy the fresh air and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Keep the bugs out

Keep the bugs at bay by installing insect screens on your windows and doors. Insect screens allow you to enjoy the fresh air while keeping any insects outside. This ensures you can relax in comfort without worrying about bites and stings. It’s also healthier for your family, as you don’t need to use chemicals to keep the bugs away.

Save money on cooling your house

Insect screens will save you money in the long run because you will find yourself opting to simply open the doors and let the air in, instead of closing up the house and switching your air conditioner on. Say goodbye to huge energy bills!

Increase the value of your home when selling

Insect screens are a great way to boost the value and appeal when you are selling your home. People are actively seeking homes that have indoor-outdoor entertaining areas, and our retractable screens are perfect for bringing the outdoors in and creating a comfortable entertaining area that buyers will love!

Increase hygiene in your home

Lack of fresh air can result in your home being stale and damp, which results in the growth of mould and bacteria around your home. Plus, bugs inside the home could lead to insects and maggots all over the place. This stale environment can lead to lowered immune systems, and chances are you will find yourself getting sick more often.

Freedom Retractable Screens offer an extensive range of insect screen solutions to fit any opening. Contact us today to find your perfect screen or make an appointment for a free measure and quote.

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