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March 2, 2021

Contrary to what many people think, insect screens are not just for preventing insects from entering your home. They actually offer more benefits than just insect protection. Many homeowners in Australia install insect screens not only to protect their families from pesky insects but also to ensure their comfort all year long.

Here are the nine reasons why you need to install insect screens in your home!


Insect screens keep bugs at bay while you are indoors. Installing these screens on your windows and doors will help you go about your business without worrying about insect bites, stings and contamination. Insect screens are also eco-friendly and are a better alternative to harmful chemical-laden bug sprays as they eliminate your need for these toxic insect repellents to ward off unwanted guests.

2. Tighter home security

Insect screens don’t just ward off bugs. They can also hold off intruders and burglars. Credit goes to their strong materials—particularly their heavy-duty frames and fibreglass or insect mesh structure—which help boost your family’s security at home. For the anxious parent or homeowner, there’s nothing like peace of mind!

3. Enhanced child safety

Homeowners with young children can rely on insect screens to prevent their infants or toddlers from going out of their home unattended. Since locked insect screens are difficult for infants and toddlers to open or operate, their parents don’t have to worry about them going around their house on their own and compromising their safety.  

4. Maintain privacy

Many fly screens use insect mesh which obstructs the view of people outside your house. This feature adds that element of privacy which homeowners want. The good news: the people outside can’t see what or who is inside your house, but you can still see them from inside your home.


Aside from reducing your family’s risk for insect-borne diseases, insect screens also improve the ventilation in your home. Stale air can become damp, which causes the growth of mould and bacteria in your home. This can lead to your compromised immune systems, more frequent hospital visits, and higher medical bills. Installing insect screens is a practical way to promote better air circulation and prevent the spread of diseases in your home.


Insect screens allow you to enjoy natural fresh air that boosts your immune system and refreshes your mind and body. Unfortunately, most of us spend our time working in air-conditioned offices that we barely get to enjoy the fresh cool breeze. Insect screens give you the option to have a naturally ventilated home and reap its many benefits.


In addition to facilitating better air circulation, insect screens are also effective in blocking out direct sunlight. This minimises the build-up of heat indoors which helps your house stay cool, saving you money in the long run. Instead of turning on the air conditioning system, why not open up your doors and windows to let the fresh air in? Enjoy the natural breeze and say goodbye to huge electricity bills with insect screens!


While insect screens reduce the effect of the sun’s glare and harsh UV rays, they still allow natural light to enter your home. The screen’s mesh material allows natural light to flow through your space compared to traditional doors, solid shutters and walls that completely block out sunlight. Apart from reducing your use of artificial lights—which contribute to the heat build-up in your home and electricity bill— this influx of natural light also creates an illusion of a bigger space.


Finally, insect screens are a great way to boost the value and appeal of your home, particularly if you plan on selling it later on. People who are actively looking for homes with indoor-outdoor entertainment areas will be more likely to buy a property that has taken their comfort and safety into consideration. Insect screens and retractable fly screens help create this comfortable and safe living space that potential buyers will surely love!

Freedom Retractable Screens offers an extensive range of insect screen solutions to fit any opening in your home. Contact us today to find your perfect screen or make an appointment for a free measurement and quote.

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