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November 6, 2020

Most Australian homeowners who are looking for retractable fly screens just want to keep their indoor areas insulated from insects. More discerning homeowners have the same goal, but prefer a certain look for their screens so they won’t clash with their existing home aesthetic. 

If you’re the type of homeowner who wants to keep the insects out without compromising the look and style of your home, then the modern Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ may just be the retractable fly screen that you need. 

In line with this, we made the table below to help homeowners like you understand what makes the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ special.

The table shows how the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ stacks up against a Bunnings Retractable Fly Screen Door:

Pillar Products 300 x 204cm Charcoal Kakadu Bunnings Retractable Flyscreen DoorFreedom™ Infinity Zipline™
SuitabilityBi-fold and sliding doorsBi-fold, sliding, stacker and double doors; large, difficult-to-screen openings, and pillarless corners
Custom made to fitNoYes
Single door span3m1.2m to 4.5m
Double door span6m2.4m to 9m
Load ratingN/A590kg static weight
*tested by NATA-approved laboratory
Frame materialPowder-coated aluminiumPowder-coated aluminium
Available in different mesh/screen materialsNoYes.
UV-resistant mesh options: Patio, Pet-Lite, Sandfly
Fabrics: semi-translucent and block out
Custom sizesCan be reduced in width to suit smaller than standard doorwaysCustom sizes ranging from 1.2m to 9m
Colours and finishesCharcoal onlyDulux® powder coat range and clear anodised aluminium
Braking systemNonePatented Freedom™ Brake System
Bottom track featuresSlimline base track with smooth running link chainDiscreet base track with two options: Recessed into the floor or Mounted at floor level
Bottom track size28mm (H) x 32mm (W)
Screen security featureNoneThe innovative mesh-to-track retention system prevents the mesh from sagging or getting blown out by strong winds.
It minimises your use of insect repellents
It lowers your use of insect repellent, decreases your air-conditioning consumption and your carbon footprint.
Pet-friendlyNoYes. The Pet-Lite mesh is recommended for pet-owners.
Easy installationYesYes
ClosureSingle door: left or right side closure 
Double door: centre closure
Single door: left or right side closure 
Double door: centre closure
OperationEasy hand operationEasy hand operation
WarrantyLimited five-year warranty
LookTraditionalSleek and modern
Please note: Comparison was correct on date of creation. Bunnings product is Pillar Products 300 x 204 cm Charcoal Kakadu Retractable Fly Screen Door. Details and specifications may change in time.

As the table shows, the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ has all the innovative features that make it the perfect retractable fly screen for Australians who want the best for their homes.

Unlike other fly screens that only work with one or two door types, the Infinity Zipline™ can be used on a wider range of doors including bi-fold, sliding, stacker, and double doors. It can even be used on large, difficult-to-screen areas and pillarless corners of your home so you can be confident that all your entryways and openings can keep the insects outside where they belong.

The Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ can screen both narrow and wide openings, so whether your opening is only 1.2 metres or up to 9 metres wide, this screen has you covered.

This screening solution is also ideal for homeowners who live in Perth or other windy cities in Australia as it is built with a unique mesh-to-track retention system that prevents the mesh from sagging or getting blown out by strong winds. With its 590kg load rating given by an accredited NATA laboratory, Australian aluminium, and premium fibreglass mesh, fabrics and Soltis blind materials, you can be confident that the Infinity Zipline™ is tough enough to handle heavy winds and other harsh environmental factors.

Are you very particular about retaining the existing look of your home? The Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ has discreet features and multiple colour options that allow it to blend seamlessly into any home. As opposed to traditional fly screens with bulky frames, ugly handles or come in very limited colours, the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ has slim frames, an integrated brake system, coloured end caps and brake levers. It is also available in the Dulux® powder coat range and clear anodised aluminium finish so you can easily match it with your interior’s colours.

While other fly screens do a fine job at keeping you safe from insects, the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ takes your safety further through its innovative design and technologies. Not only does it prevent insects from invading your home, but it also keeps accidents at bay with its patented Freedom™ Brake System that keeps the screen from moving on its own after you have stopped it on any position along its track. There is also the recessed option for the bottom track which makes this screen more wheelchair-friendly and eliminates any chances of tripping.

The Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ also makes a positive contribution to our environment by lowering your consumption of air conditioning units and insect repellents, resulting in a reduction of your carbon footprint. On top of its environmental benefits, the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ is also a pet-friendly screening solution as its Pet-Lite mesh is durable enough to withstand abuse from the furry members of your family.

All these qualities make the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ a better option to the Bunnings Retractable Fly Screen Door. It’s not only superior to other fly screens in the market, but also the perfect addition to any modern Australian home.

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