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January 29, 2017


If you’re home is driving you crazy but you don’t have the time or money for a major remodel, here are some quick and easy tips to help refresh your space, affordably.

  • Slipcover your furniture instead of replacing it. For instance, try using a replacement slipcover for your sofa. It’s an easy and environmental-friendly way to spruce up your furniture.
  • Host a swap party and swap pieces with your friends. Ask your mates to bring over some home accessories that they don’t use anymore or which take up too much space in their home. You can offer them the stuff that you don’t like anymore.
  • Shop at flea markets and thrift shops as well as online. Not only do these places offer you great variety, but you’ll also get to buy heaps of stylish items at marked-down prices.
  • Make a wish list and tick off the items one by one. This will help you narrow down the accessories that will have a huge impact on your home. You may also want to consider sharing this list with your family and friends who may be struggling with choosing which gift to give you for the holidays.
  • Sell your old stuff online and make space and cash for the new stuff you want. 

You can also make some simple visual changes at home to give it a new look:

  1. Consider a cohesive theme: Decide on a theme for your space and stick to it. If you prefer a calm and bright theme, make sure the walls and furniture reflect these. 
  2. Diminish visual clutter: Sometimes, less is more. Patterned rugs, wall art, and wire-storage baskets can make your space look cluttered. Use them sparingly. You can also scatter them in other areas of your home for more balance. 
  3. Use stylish storage solutions: Declutter and systematise. You can use a long storage cabinet to stow your children’s toys or a vintage sideboard to organise your electronics, cables, and extension cords. 
  4. Combine layers and texture with decorative accents: Using a rug, indoor plant or interesting artwork can add layer, texture, and character to your home.

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