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April 13, 2016


Escaping pantry moths can be difficult especially because most of the time you dont even know they are in there.

These wriggly, maggot-like larvae live in your containers and feast on the food in your pantry. What’s worse is that if you find just one, you’re likely to find thousands others in your containers.

Well, you’ll be interested to know that pantry ;moths come into the home in food that we buy.

Here’s how to get rid of them,

  • Identification. Moth larvae are similar to tiny white maggots which you can find in your dried goods. Look for fine web-like silk around any packaging or cocoons in pantry corners.
  • Removal of everything from your pantry. Inspect all of your items for moth larvae and cocoons.
  • Throw away the food source. Refrain from spraying pesticide on moth larvae or cocoons that you might find on food items because you might end up contaminating your food. If you find any contaminated food sources, chuck them into the rubbish bin instead.
  • Put your foods that normally get moths like flour into the freezer. Doing this will prevent moths from laying their eggs on your food items.
  • Split food into bags. Segregating your food items and putting them into ziplock bags can help you spot possible moth breeding grounds easily. Leave the bags outside of the pantry for a week. If an adult moth flies out, throw the bag into the bin.
  • Wash and wipe every surface. Use a kitchen cleaner or hot water with soap to wash every surface on your pantry. Wipe it off with a solution consisting of white vinegar and warm water to kill any moth eggs you may have left out.
  • Wash containers. Use hot and soapy water in washing food containers to eliminate any leftover cocoons.
  • Set traps: Purchase some sticky pheromone traps from your local supermarket. Put these in pantry corners and areas where you previously found moth larvae or cocoons.


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