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February 16, 2021

Below are 12 home renovation projects that are better left in the hands of the experts:

1. Installing a built-in dishwasher

A built-in dishwasher may be installed under your kitchen bench, near your sink, or beside your utensil storage cabinet. It can be difficult to set up because it requires a connection to an electrical and water source for which there are specific guidelines in Australia. As a matter of fact, we have a law that states only licensed professionals can do electrical and plumbing installations. So, instead of doing something potentially illegal, just call on your trusty tradie to install your built-in dishwasher for you.

2. Installing retractable fly screens

The installation of retractable fly screens demands very precise measurements of the openings you want to screen. This can be a challenge if you have very large and difficult-to-screen wall openings. Moreover, the revolutionary technology used by modern retractable screens—particularly the automated ones—may be too advanced for anyone to figure out right away. You can avoid future inconveniences and unexpected expenses simply by having a screen fitter from the company you got your screen from to install your screens for you. After all, since they are the ones who made it, they would know best how to set it up.

3. Setting up a tabletop gas stove

The same law states that authorised gas fitters are the only people allowed to install appliances that require the use of gas, like a tabletop gas stove. If it involves gases that may explode and result in fire, don’t even think about installing it yourself.

4. Installing a range hood

Most range hoods are quite easy to install, especially if you’re a seasoned DIYer and you’ve got an electrical outlet conveniently located nearby. Otherwise, this job will require hiring a licensed electrician to first set up a power source for your range hood. You may also need to create a vent hole on your wall, which can be dangerous if it has asbestos and you’re not wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Aside from that, this may be a job that calls for two pairs of hands: one to lift the range hood and another to set it in place.

5. Attaching fixtures to a wall

Mounting appliances like televisions, speaker systems, water heaters and even large decorative pieces such as mirrors and paintings on your wall may seem like a DIY-friendly project, but think twice before you proceed. To do this upgrade at home, you must take precise measurements and ask another person (or two persons) to assist you; otherwise, you risk damage to your fixture, your wall, or both. Besides, there are electrical and plumbing requirements for some of these appliances, and you already know installing them requires a licensed tradie.

6. Installing an air conditioning unit

The installation of air conditioning systems is a job reserved for professionals authorised by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). They’re the only ones licensed to work with the required refrigerants that can cause harm to you and the environment if they are mishandled. ARC-approved professionals can also give out recommendations on the suitable air conditioning system for your specific needs as well as the best placement for these cooling systems.

7. Repairing a broken phone socket

DON’T touch your phone lines. Period.

For any phone line issues, contact Telstra. They are in charge of ensuring that your connection to the network boundary point is active and secure. Similarly, installing a National Broadband Network (NBN) connection at home should be left to the professionals.

8. Fixing a roll-up garage door

Fixing a garage door is another job best left to the pros. Roll-up garage doors have coil springs that carry great tension. You may not be able to manage this tension on your own. Pass up on potential injuries and property damages and just leave this project to the experts.

9. Removing or restoring lead-based paint

If you are living in a house built before 1970, chances are your walls may have been coated with lead-based paint. If you’re considering of removing or restoring this type of paint, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a professional who has the skills and knowledge for handling this dangerous kind of paint.

10. Sanding floors

Another home improvement job you should consider hiring a tradie for is floor sanding. Not only does it require a special heavy-duty machine to do the job, but it also demands the know-how to operate it! For instance, losing your grip while using a floor sander could send it shooting across the room and driving a hole through your wall.


Checking your roof for damage or a potential upgrade is dangerous: one misstep and you could end up with a serious injury. Adding hospital bills to your roof repair costs just isn’t worth it. Plus, consider the other factors you must deal with: roof stability, chemical substances, harsh weather, fumes, flames, asphalt, and dust among other things. 

These are just some of the reasons why a professional roofer is better suited for this hazardous home renovation project. 


Plumbing isn’t as simple as replacing a leaky pipe in your sink. If you consider your entire plumbing system, it involves complex pipe connections. If you make a mistake, you could flood your household. Worse, you could amass indoor sewage which will result in steep cleaning fees. 

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