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February 23, 2018

An interesting article discussed some ways we can live in harmony with the little critters that run rampant in many Australian cities.

Possums can be annoying but some people say we can actually live happily and harmoniously with these furry creatures.

One of the most irritating habits of possums is that they nibble on herbs and can wreck your herb garden.

A solution for this is to boil chillies and garlic in water, let it cool, strain and pour into a spray bottle and spray the garden. This can help keep possums and other creatures away, according to expert Sarah Bekessy.

Bekessy, an urban ecologist at RMIT in Melbourne said chillies contain capsaicin which is a natural chemical weapon, it’s the active ingredient used in pepper spray.

If you fear possums invading your roof space, experts say block up the roof. If you want to live in harmony with possums, experts say install a possum box, similar to a bird box on the edge of the roof.

Other ways to keep possums out of your home space include:

  1. Installing a motion-activated sprinkler or light system: This will startle possums and make them vacate the premises.
  2. Leaving a predator scent: Determine which areas possums frequent in your home and then scatter some dog or cat hair. This lets them know potential predators may be lurking nearby and eventually scare them off.
  3. Turning on bright lights: Check areas in your home where possums infiltrate. Leave bright lights on in those areas to discourage them from entering.
  4. Using chicken wire: If you have a garden, close off the perimeter with chicken wire to prevent possums from feasting on your crops.
  5. Trimming trees and branches: Possums can gain access to your house via your rooftop. You can prevent this by trimming adjacent trees and branches—they won’t be able to jump off and land on your roof especially at ungodly hours.

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