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December 26, 2016

Here are some other ways you can keep your home cool this summer:

  1. Use less appliances in the day because they generate heat.
  2. Invest in blackout curtains. Neutral-coloured ones with white plastic backings help obstruct sunlight and insulate your room.
  3. Close doors of vacant rooms so you can prevent cool air from spreading throughout these areas during the day’s hottest hours. 
  4. Build a makeshift cooling fan. Fill a bowl with ice cubes and place it in front of a large fan at an angle so that the air you’ll get will be super-chilled.
  5. Use cotton fabric beddings for greater breathability and a cooler feeling. Complement this with one or two buckwheat pillows as these offer a natural air space that doesn’t cling to your body heat. 
  6. Rotate your ceiling fans counterclockwise at higher speeds. This produces a wind-chill breeze effect which lets you beat the oppressive summer heat.
  7. Cool your body temperature. Examples include chugging on iced drinks, applying a cold towel on your neck and wrists, wearing clothing made of breathable/cotton fabrics, and dipping your feet in a bowl of cold water.
  8. Use your bathroom fan or kitchen exhaust fan: these suck the hot air out of your house after showering and cooking, respectively.
  9. Make your bed heat-proof by using a Chillow, placing an iced water bottle at the foot of your bed, and dampening your bedding.
  10. Sleep on your floor mattress or downstairs basement couch because heat has a tendency to rise. 
  11. Allow the cool night air to ventilate your home. Open up your windows before bedtime and enjoy that fresh evening breeze. 
  12. Do window hacks. An example is opening up the top part of your windows on your house’s downwind side.
  13. Ditch incandescent lights which draw a large amount of electricity.
  14. BBQ rather than cook food on the stove which heats up the entire house.
  15. Commit to long-term adjustments. These include using insulated window films, awnings, and planting trees.   

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