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March 5, 2017

If you’re the D-I-Y type or perhaps considering undertaking some rare D-I-Y work at home, there are some fundamental rules that you should keep in mind right from the start:

  • Begin with level, flat walls. Old walls tend to be crooked, which will negatively affect every other D-I-Y project you will undertake. Adding new studs alongside the old ones is a good way to rectify the issue. Make sure the new ones you will install are perfectly plumbed and aligned.
  • Ensure the electricity is turned off before you undertake any electrical work. Just because you turned a switch or circuit breaker on doesn’t mean the power is off. Double-checking is the key. Using a non-contact voltage tester should also help whenever you perform electricity-related projects.
  • Always have a “beater” chisel—it’s a multi-use tool that you can use as a scraper, pry bar, and putty knife—to help you in a number of projects.
  • Purchase extra plumbing parts. No matter how much extra planning you make, the need for these parts—whether it’s an elbow or water pipe—can arise anytime. When you have a surplus of plumbing parts, you don’t need to keep on pausing your project and heading to the hardware store.
  • Be careful of drywall dust. Find a way to confine the dust in one area. Otherwise, it may take you hours to clean your dust-infested belongings.
  • Always check the weather, especially when undertaking outdoor projects, as this can drastically affect the outcome of your project. For example, troweling slabs of concrete in cold weather will take you hours on end to finish.
  • Leave a space or “reveal” on doors and windows. It looks better than having a trim flush and gives you a little wiggle room.
  • Have a tarp ready for roof jobs. If you’re going to tear off shingles from your roof, it’s better to have a tarp on the side in case of a downpour.

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