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June 12, 2016
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No longer is the irritating itch left by mosquitoes the worst thing we have to fear when these bugs invade, now there are a plethora of other risks which is why we need to take action and take control of our backyards.

Don’t wait until summer hits to start sorting out your yard. Keep it clean and clear of clutter or standing water which will attract mosquitoes. Make sure common water traps like dog bowls, vases, and tyres are regularly cleaned or emptied out.

Studies suggest the Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait (ATSB) method can reduce mosquito populations by 90 percent in a few weeks. Here, the house owner lures mosquitoes into a sugary, plant-based bait and then kills them with garlic, an undetectable gut toxin. 

Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly mosquito formulas are another effective option. Check with your local home improvement store if they’re available.

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Also ensure your doors and windows are covered with screens. Freedomscreens are an affordable and aesthestically pleasing option for your door and window openings, to ensure that mosquitoes don’t make it inside.

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