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December 2, 2018

To add value to your home, why not consider one of these outdoor improvements that the whole family is sure to enjoy.


Whether you’ll use it for roasting marshmallows or maximising your outdoor area during winter, an outdoor fire pit will not disappoint! This outdoor fixture instantly lends an inviting, rustic feel to any outdoor living space.


Arguably a must-have for any Australian home, an outdoor kitchen allows you to experience the joys of cooking, grilling and preparing your food in a way that an indoor kitchen can’t. Nothing beats the feeling of the fresh, cool breeze caressing your face and the music of birds and cicadas during a barbie!


Transform your backyard into a more welcoming place for your guests by installing a patio. Already have one? Check if the chairs and tables in your patio need to be repaired, replaced or repainted. If your patio is tiled, you may also want to inspect if all your tiles are still intact or not.


Take your outdoor entertainment to a whole new level—or at least, higher than ground level—by adding a deck. A deck is ideal for homes with uneven ground surfaces (e.g., tree roots) or properties built on raised, hilly areas. It also offers homeowners and guests a great view of the outdoors.


One of the first things your guests and house hunters will see when they go to your house is your front door. If it’s a French door, check if the glass panels still look brand new or if they are already damaged. If it’s a hinged door, check if the doorknobs are still functional and if the hinges are working as they should.


Greenery is the best scenery, people say. What better way to enjoy the best scenery than by having a slice of it right in your own backyard? Landscaped gardens can increase the value of your property by more than 70%. Whether you’re thinking of building retaining walls, installing planter boxes or planting shrubs and trees, make sure you consult a landscape designer who can help you turn your dream garden into a reality.


Separate your lawn and garden from designated “walkable” areas by installing a paved walkway (or walkways). This outdoor project is not only budget-friendly but also effective in increasing the curb appeal of your home.


Beat the summer heat without the crowds by taking a dip in your very own swimming pool. It may be the most expensive outdoor project on this list (with significant, regular maintenance fees), but your investment will be worth it. Outdoor swimming pools can increase up to 8% of your home appraisal value, so it is a good outdoor project to consider.


Outdoor/garden lights allow you to appreciate the beauty of your landscaped garden or backyard even at night. They are essential to lively, safe, and well-lit outdoor dinner parties. Best of all, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


Generally speaking, homes with a backyard fence are more attractive to buyers looking for extra security for their young kids or pets. There are many types of fencing materials available, and your choice of material will largely affect the cost of installing one. The length of your yard and the height of your fence are also factors that will affect the total cost of this project. You have the option of hiring a reputable fencing company or installing your fence yourself. The latter may cost you less, but the former will give you the confidence that your fence is installed properly and will last for many years.

Another investment that is both practical and will add appeal to your home is flyscreens. Ensure all your home’s openings – doors, windows and even outdoor spaces are covered with insect screens. This will ensure you enjoy your space all year round, keeping insects out and a fresh breeze flowing in.

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