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Freedom Retractable Screens® Tasmania trade under the company Taylor Screens and they are Tasmania’s screen specialists, screening homes and businesses in southern Tasmania since 1984.

Nestled at the edge of the world, Southern Tasmania is a place of wild beauty and untamed landscapes, where the rugged wilderness meets the tranquil waters of the Derwent River. This untamed beauty coupled with the unique Tasmanian lifestyle creates a setting that calls for an innovative approach to home living.

Owner, Peter Colhoun and his team are dedicated to providing a wide range of screen solutions. Peter has had a wealth of experience installing the Freedom™ Screens range of products on all openings including front doors, french doors, sliding stacker doors, bi-fold doors and kitchen servery windows.

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Freedom Screens, align seamlessly with the Tasmanian way of life.

The company’s high-quality retractable screens allow residents to bring the splendour of Tasmania’s breathtaking outdoors inside, while keeping the elements and insects at bay. You can revel in the crisp Tasmanian air and stunning views, all from the comfort of your home, creating an indoor-outdoor living experience that truly encapsulates the Tasmanian lifestyle.

When it comes to screening large openings the Freedom Retractable Screens® range tick all the boxes.

discreet, easy-to-use, adaptable screens that are built to last.

Peter Colhoun says “the key to our ongoing success is due to recommending and installing only the best quality products available on the market”. We can provide a screen solution for any opening! If you’ve been told that your opening cannot be screened then don’t waste another minute and contact us!

Whether it’s the historic sandstone buildings of Hobart, the serene beauty of Huon Valley, or the architecturally modern homes lining the shores of Bruny Island, Freedom Retractable Screens offers tailored solutions that respect the aesthetic integrity of every residence. The company’s commitment to quality and design sensitivity mirrors Tasmania’s deep-rooted respect for its natural and architectural heritage, further solidifying its place in the local culture.

Tasmania is a lifestyle, not a location.

Southern Tasmania is a land of contrast, where dense rainforests give way to rugged mountains and peaceful riverside towns. As the capital city, Hobart, sits comfortably at the foothills of Mount Wellington, the tranquillity of the surrounding wilderness is a constant backdrop to city life. This juxtaposition of urban living and untouched nature is a characteristic feature of Southern Tasmania’s unique appeal.

Living in Southern Tasmania is about embracing these contrasts. Hobart, with its rich colonial history, burgeoning arts scene, and gourmet food culture, offers a vibrant city life. The renowned Salamanca Market, bustling with local artisans, and the world-class Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) are testaments to the city’s cultural richness.

Beyond the city, the Huon Valley and Bruny Island are gateways to the region’s natural wonders. From exploring the Tahune AirWalk in the Huon Valley to spotting the white wallabies on Bruny Island, there’s an adventure at every turn. The region’s maritime climate also makes it a paradise for food and wine lovers, with the local seafood and cool-climate wines being amongst the finest in the world.

In Southern Tasmania, the simplicity of island living converges with the sophistication of modern life. It’s a place where the echoes of history blend with contemporary culture, and where companies like Freedom Retractable Screens enable residents to live harmoniously with the enchanting landscape. Come live the Tasmanian lifestyle, a blend of nature, culture, and innovative living.

Anelle Bolto
2 months ago
Hands down the BEST customer service I have experienced in a long time. We had a number of doors done and we are so pleased with the results…
Milan Galesico
5 months ago
Excellent service.
David Cranston
1 month ago
Excellent customer service from Jacqueline. Sold the products well. She went over and above all expectations. 5-stars…
Rafael Muggeridge
6 months ago
Amazing service. Cannot rate highly enough on all counts. The ladies at the front desk are especially customer focussed. Thanks…
Paul Bunn
10 months ago
I needed some fly screens and a sliding screen door remeshed and they did an outstanding job with very affordable prices. A short wait but well worth it for the quality. Super happy! Thanks guys.
Jo Alexander
1 year ago
Every step of this process from the first call to the installation was professional and friendly. Fabulous local company making quality discrete screens. Highly recommended.
Liz Colburn
2 years ago
Ordered 2 made to measure screen doors.Turned up on time.Fitted perfectly.Customer service great.

Freedom Retractable Screens

We took the concept of screen doors and windows, elevating it to a whole new level. Innovative designs that effortlessly blend functionality and style, our screens are custom built for the largest openings like patios, garages and pergolas and they blend in seamlessly with your home.

Best of all, they’re Australian made, so you know they’re quality, backed by a limited 5 year gurarantee. Enhance your living space today by choosing the best retractable screens on the market.

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If you’re after the best and you want a screen solution that fits with your home and your lifestyle, please contact Peter and the team at Taylor Screens on (03) 6278-8887 or visit the Taylor Screens Showroom at 125 Albert Rd. Moonah.

We are open Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 4.30pm and 8.30am – 4.00pm on Fridays.

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We are an Australian manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative screen solutions for french, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors and windows, as well as pillarless corners and large, difficult-to-screen openings, balcony screen, patio screen and outdoor privacy screen solutions.

We invite you to explore our innovative range of products created from over 20 years of experience. Freedom Retractable Screens® – Innovative insect screens for modern Australian living!