Don’t trade your views for protection. Our vertical retractable fly screens don’t only offer excellent protection from flies and other annoying insects but also retract when not in use, so you can still enjoy your outdoor views.

🗸 Keeps insects out of your home

🗸 Blocks out harmful outdoor elements

🗸 Increases your level of privacy

🗸 Can be controlled remotely

🗸 Preserves the surfaces of countertops

🗸 Boosts the value of your home

Prevents pests from entering your home

Keep pesky insects out of your home with our Freedom™ SmartScreen. Whether you install it indoors or outdoors, you’re guaranteed superior protection from pests. If you want to prepare meals in your kitchen without annoying flies buzzing around, our SmartScreen is for you.

Shields your living space from UV rays, wind, and rain

Our SmartScreen has a unique no-gap system that effectively blocks out harmful UV rays from the sun, reduces the impact of strong winds, and prevents rain from entering your home. The top and bottom edges of the fabric are inserted into the aluminium frame, leaving no opening where glare, wind or rain water can pass through. Don’t let it rain on your parade with our innovative vertical retractable fly screen!

More privacy for your home

Keep your family affairs and gatherings private and concealed from public view with our SmartScreen. Apart from the standard insect mesh, it is also available in translucent and full block-out fabrics. These materials allow you to enjoy the level of privacy you want in any area of your home.

Can be operated automatically

Our SmartScreen 120 spans up to 6 metres in width and is fully motorised, while our SmartScreen 80 has an automatic version as well as a manually-operated version. Perfect for outdoor living areas like patios and balconies where you commonly entertain guests, the SmartScreen 120 allows you to raise or lower the screen with just one press of a button. Having our SmartScreen installed in your garage gives you the benefit of lowering or raising the screen without even having to leave your car! 

Our SmartScreen 80, on the other hand, is ideal for larger-sized windows. You can trust that our motorised SmartScreen systems are durable and reliable because it is powered by Somfy® technology.

Guaranteed surface protection

A gentle brush strip is attached to the bottom edge of our indoor SmartScreen to avoid damaging your window sills and other surfaces that come in contact with it, like your kitchen counters and bar tops. This means you no longer need to worry about repainting, repairing or replacing these surfaces. Similarly, our outdoor SmartScreen has a rubber bulb seal that can withstand any weather condition and provides insulation against the outdoor elements and noise.

Increases the net worth of your property

Our elegant Freedom™ SmartScreen also enhances the overall appearance and value of your home. Whether you’re looking for a stylish yet functional home improvement solution or looking for a way to boost the real estate value of your property, you can count on our SmartScreen to do the job for you.

Freedom Retractable Screens

We took the concept of screen doors and windows, elevating it to a whole new level. Innovative designs that effortlessly blend functionality and style, our screens are custom built for the largest openings like patios, garages and pergolas and they blend in seamlessly with your home.

Best of all, they’re Australian made, so you know they’re quality, backed by a limited 5 year gurarantee. Enhance your living space today by choosing the best retractable screens on the market.

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Who Are We?

We are an Australian manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative screen solutions for french, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors and windows, as well as pillarless corners and large, difficult-to-screen openings, balcony screen, patio screen and outdoor privacy screen solutions.

We invite you to explore our innovative range of products created from over 20 years of experience. Freedom Retractable Screens® – Innovative insect screens for modern Australian living!