Outdoor parties are supposed to be carefree and fun gatherings. But if the prying eyes of your neighbours and passers-by are fixed on you and your guests, it will be difficult for you to focus on enjoying your celebration.

Once our retractable outdoor blinds have been installed, your privacy increases dramatically! Our screens are the best solution for homeowners looking to enhance the privacy of their outdoor living spaces. If you’re searching for one, consider getting a multifunctional privacy screen like our SmartScreen. This innovative retractable screen solution will not just shield you from your intrusive neighbours and outsiders, but also keep the insects out and reduce the effects of sun glare, heavy rain and strong winds.

Our SmartScreen is perfect for your outdoor areas. We have fly screens for patios, balcony screens, deck privacy screens and even custom garage door screens. It is also suitable for smaller indoor openings such as kitchen servery, double-hung or outward-opening windows.

What Are The Benefits?

Ensure your privacy and safety
Keep the insects out naturally
Protection from strong winds, rain and sun glare
Save money on electricity
Blends in with any design aesthetic
Adds value to your home

Why is SmartScreen the best outdoor privacy screening solution?

Private and safe outdoor living

Our SmartScreen is ideal for homeowners who want to use their outdoor living areas with greater privacy. If you’ve had it with nosy neighbours who always peek into your patio parties and outdoor lunches, simply install our SmartScreen and take back the privacy you and your loved ones deserve.

Our outdoor SmartScreen can cover a maximum width of 6 metres and a maximum height of 4.9 metres. Their large spans give you the freedom to screen huge outdoor areas of your home so you can keep your outdoor gatherings private and your guests safe.

Eco-friendly way to keep the bugs out

Our SmartScreen is the best choice for natural insect-free outdoor living. Whether you want to keep the pesky insects away from your balcony, patio or any other outdoor living area of your home, you can depend on it to protect you from these bugs without damaging our environment.

This innovative screen helps you concentrate on your guests instead of the flies and mozzies hovering by. Best of all, it eliminates the need for toxic bug sprays and insect repellents that are harmful to your lungs and our planet.

Easy to use and operate

Our outdoor SmartScreen is fully motorised, so you can screen your huge outdoor living areas effortlessly. This automated model is best for balconies, patios, garages and other spacious outdoor areas of your home. It is furnished with a bottom bulb seal for a flushed fit and to minimise the damage on your floor. Developed with Somfy® technology, our motorised outdoor SmartScreen lets you experience an intruder- and insect-free outdoor environment with just one touch of a button.

Our indoor SmartScreen has a manual, pull-down style. We have included a pole to help you pull it down and push it back up with ease. It also has a double-sided latch for convenient internal and external operation. It is recommended for smaller indoor-outdoor openings like your kitchen servery and outward-opening windows of your home.

Both models have been designed for the ease of use of everyone in your family.

Defence against harsh outdoor elements

If you want to maximise the use of your outdoor areas all year round and no matter the weather, our SmartScreen is the answer.

In addition to keeping annoying insects and intrusive neighbours away, our SmartScreen provides insulation for your outdoor areas and protects you and your guests from strong winds, heavy rain, and the harmful UV rays and blinding glare of the sun.

Its innovative no gap system delivers superior protection from these harsh elements, while its YKK zipper fed track system offers excellent wind resistance.

It also helps regulate the temperature in your outdoor living areas. When the heat is at its worst, our SmartScreen will help keep your outdoor living area cool by allowing air to enter and flow throughout the space. It acts as a barrier against very strong winds so you can have a more pleasant experience whether you’re relaxing outdoors or hosting a party. It also helps retain the warmth during winter.

You may choose from fabric (block-out and translucent fabrics are available) or insect mesh material for your SmartScreen; both are effective at keeping insects at bay, reducing wind exposure, and intercepting the glare from the sun.

Higher savings on electric bill

This screening solution helps lower your electric bill by reducing your use of air conditioning and artificial heating systems. Lower energy consumption means higher savings for you and better health for the environment.

Complements the style of any home

One of the biggest advantages of SmartScreen over other outdoor privacy screens is its design. In the past, screens were big and bulky, which deterred homeowners who were determined to preserve the style of their home. But the SmartScreen has an elegant and sleek appearance so you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your outdoor aesthetic.

Increased property value

Outdoor privacy screens are investments that pay off. You may be able to sell your home at a higher price if you have this versatile screen installed in your home. Many home buyers are looking for fully-furnished homes fitted with solutions that provide comfort, convenience, privacy, and security to its owners. Our SmartScreen delivers all these benefits, and more. Make the smart choice and install a SmartScreen for your home today.

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