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Our discreet and modern Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ will open up your home so you can experience elegant outdoor living. Now spanning up to 9 metres.

Innovative mesh-to-track retention system

Our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ features a unique mesh-to-track retention system to prevent the mesh from sagging or getting blown out by strong winds.

We have welded a zipper to the edge of the mesh, and this zipper ensures the mesh stays in the track at all times. Aside from providing extra strength, this system prevents you from spending more time and money on costly screen repairs.

Australian made, high-quality materials

We make our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ from heavy-duty materials to guarantee their long-lasting performance. This 100% Australian designed and manufactured insect screen combines the strength of Australian aluminium and superior fibreglass mesh with UV resistance.

Perfect for large, difficult-to-screen areas

Pillarless corners and huge, difficult-to-screen areas of your home are no match for our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™. Now spanning up to 4.5m for our single screen and 9m for our double screen, our Infinity Zipline™ is the ideal retractable screen to complement your french, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors. Have a larger opening? Our ZL2 can screen openings up to 13m.

Equipped with Freedom™ Braking System

Our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ comes with our patented Freedom™ Brake System that allows you to stop the screen anywhere along the track without unsafe spring-backs.

Whether you pull the screen halfway through the track or all the way to the end, we can guarantee that it will stay in that same place, unless you change its position again. This makes our screens safe for everyone’s use, including children and the elderly.

NATA-approved up to 590kg static weight

The Australian National Testing Laboratories Pty Ltd (ANTL) is an accredited NATA laboratory that conducted a static weight test on our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ and they found that it can withstand an even pressure of up to 590kg! If you’re looking for a heavy-duty insect screen that can withstand the toughest conditions, consider our Infinity Zipline™.

Earth and pet-friendly

Our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ lets you take control of your living environment while minimising your impact. This eco-friendly screening solution decreases your air-conditioning consumption, electricity costs, and ultimately, your carbon footprint. It also reduces your use of insect repellents that contribute to global warming.

If you have pets, our sturdy and pet-friendly Pet-Lite is the best mesh option for you.


Make our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ your own. Get in touch with the dealer nearest you and tell them your specific requirements so you can have the screen you’ve always wanted. Our Infinity Zipline comes in a variety of UV resistant mesh options: Patio, Pet-Lite and Sandfly. Feel free to ask us about our new Soltis® blind material. You can select from different finishes including powder-coated and clear anodised aluminium, as well as coloured end caps and brake levers. Our Infinity Zipline is available in the popular Dulux® powder coat range.

Discreet channel options

Option 1: The recessed option allows the bottom profile track to be embedded into your floor instead of placed on top of it. This option is safer for wheelchair users.

Option 2: Tracks can be mounted at floor level.

Five-year limited warranty

Our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ includes a five-year limited warranty with a nationwide network of distributors offering parts and service backup. Simply approach any of our distributors should you need any help in replacing your mesh or any part of your screen.

What Are The Benefits?

Achieve that seamless look
Convenient and easy to use
No more mesh blowouts
Avoid accidents caused by tripping
Lower your electricity costs
Prevent unsafe spring-backs

Screen Specifications

HousingSingle Screen Span Length*Double Screen Span Length*
*Maximum height and width ratio applies
TrackRecessed Channel
28mm (H) x 32mm (W)32mm (H) x 39mm (W)
Static Weight Rating590kg even pressure
  • Suitable for large, difficult to screen openings, pillarless corners and french, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors
  • Spans up to 4.5m for single screen and up to 9m for double screen
  • Bottom profile track size: 28mm (H) x 32mm (W)
  • Comes in the popular Dulux® powder coat range and clear anodised aluminium finishes
  • Coloured end caps and brake levers available
  • UV resistant mesh options (Patio, Pet-Lite and Sandfly) available
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Freedom™ Braking System – Yes

Infinity Zipline™ Product FAQ

Q. Is it suitable for windy areas?

A. Yes. The Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ has outstanding wind resistance, although we do recommend you retract the screen during very high winds.

Q. Will you replace the mesh if it gets damaged?

A. NATA test results have proven the incredible strength of our Freedom™ mesh-to-track retention system. However, if your screen does get damaged, a mesh replacement can be arranged by a distributor near you for a reasonable cost.

Q. How do I clean my screen?

A. Simply use a brush and vacuum it regularly.

Q. Is it wheelchair-friendly?

A. Yes. The Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ has a recessed channel which prevents trip hazards. This makes it ideal for homes with wheelchair users and persons with disabilities.

Q. Can I use it with curtains & blinds?

A. Yes. In most instances, we can fit the screen around your existing blinds or curtains. We do recommend that you install your screens before your blinds or curtains to make things easier.

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