Work in your garage comfortably and privately

Premium custom garage door screen solution

Our SmartScreen is suited for homeowners who want to upgrade their comfort and privacy while they are working in their garage. Whether you are tinkering with your car or bike or working out in your garage gym, our SmartScreen will help you concentrate on your activity or task by keeping your garage well-ventilated and preventing annoying insects and your prying neighbours from invading your space.

What Are The Benefits?

Blocks the entry of insects
Increases your level of privacy
Promotes proper air circulation
Reduces garage heat
Automated screen option
Very easy to use

Why should you choose our SmartScreen for your garage?

Insect protection all-year round

Have you ever experienced doing some car or bike maintenance work in your garage, only to be distracted by the buzzing sound of a mosquito in your ear? What about lifting weights in your garage gym while a bee is hovering close by? Our SmartScreen will spare you from these bothersome and potentially dangerous encounters by preventing these pesky insects from invading your garage in the first place. See Retractable Insect Screens

Enhanced privacy

Our SmartScreen allows you to choose the level of privacy you want for your garage. You can opt for our see-through insect mesh material, but our translucent and full block-out fabric options will offer you greater protection from your nosy neighbours and passersby. If you want to work on your car without the feeling of being spied on or simply work out in peace, then our SmartScreen is exactly what you need. See Outdoor Privacy Screens

No more stale and stuffy garages

You may be ready to use some elbow grease when you work in your garage, but if there’s not enough fresh air flowing in and out of it, chances are high that you’ll feel dizzy and have no other choice but to stop your activity prematurely. Installing our SmartScreen in your garage is one of the best ways to keep it well-ventilated so you can do your activities as planned. It will also lower your risk for headaches, nausea, and other conditions caused by breathing in stale indoor air.

Superior all-weather protection

Our SmartScreen is a multi-functional screening solution that can defend you from the harsh natural elements such as the blinding sun glare, heavy rains, and strong winds. We have attached an all-weather rubber seal at the bottom edge of our outdoor SmartScreen to insulate your garage—and all your prized possessions inside it—from these outdoor elements. Regardless of the material you choose and the weather outside, you can depend on our SmartScreen to keep you and your belongings safe from the damage that may be caused by these elements.


We have made it easier for you to experience all the benefits of our outdoor SmartScreen by developing an automated version of it. This remote-controlled version of our outdoor SmartScreen is powered by Somfy technology. With just one touch of a button, you can lower and raise the screen to keep the insects and your prying neighbours out of your garage while letting the fresh air in. Experience what it’s like to work in your garage comfortably and privately with our SmartScreen!

Freedom Retractable Screens

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Best of all, they’re Australian made, so you know they’re quality, backed by a limited 5 year gurarantee. Enhance your living space today by choosing the best retractable screens on the market.

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We are an Australian manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative screen solutions for french, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors and windows, as well as pillarless corners and large, difficult-to-screen openings, balcony screen, patio screen and outdoor privacy screen solutions.

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