Enjoy years of insect-free living with our super strong screens.

Freedom Retractable Screens® are Australian-made and built tough to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

All our screens are made from the highest quality materials, namely Australian aluminium, premium UV resistant fibreglass mesh options and specially moulded engineered plastics, to ensure their long-lasting performance.

Australian aluminium is a durable and lightweight type of aluminium that has been used for building everything from aeroplanes, cars, construction materials, consumer packaging to computers. This clearly indicates the strength of Australian aluminium which we use in all our screen systems.

Our screens also come in a variety of premium UV resistant fibreglass mesh options such as Patio, Pet-Lite and Sandfly. Pet-Lite is perfect for pet owners as it is a durable and pet-friendly mesh material. All these mesh options will upgrade your home’s appeal while lowering your exposure to harmful UV rays.

Best of all, we have designed our screens to handle the most unforgiving climate zones of which Australia is known for. No matter which part of Australia you call home, you can rest assured that our screens have what it takes to endure the extremely hot, humid, dry, or cold climate of your state. Angry summers or rainy winters are no match for our screens as they have already been proven to stand the test of cruel weather over time.

Take our Freedom Infinity Zipline, for example. It utilises the Freedom™ mesh-to-track retention system that zips the screen inside the track for maximum strength and holding power. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, just remember that an accredited NATA laboratory conducted a pressure and wind test for this particular system. The results? The Freedom™ mesh-to-track retention system is incredibly strong that it stops blowouts. The Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ system also withstood 590kg of static weight.

Our ZL2 has its own strengths too. It is manufactured from the finest materials and parts, including our patented Freedom™ Brake System that allows you to stop the screen anywhere along the track without the risk of unsafe spring-backs. It also features a fully anchored mesh for excellent wind resistance.

Wondering just how confident we are about the durability of our screens? We’re confident enough to offer a limited five-year warranty with a nationwide distribution network with parts and service backup for all our screens.

If you want an insect screen that can last for many years, choose Freedom Retractable Screens®. We guarantee that our heavy-duty screens will save you effort, time, and money in the long-run.

Freedom Retractable Screens

We took the concept of screen doors and windows, elevating it to a whole new level. Innovative designs that effortlessly blend functionality and style, our screens are custom built for the largest openings like patios, garages and pergolas and they blend in seamlessly with your home.

Best of all, they’re Australian made, so you know they’re quality, backed by a limited 5 year gurarantee. Enhance your living space today by choosing the best retractable screens on the market.

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Who Are We?

We are an Australian manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative screen solutions for french, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors and windows, as well as pillarless corners and large, difficult-to-screen openings, balcony screen, patio screen and outdoor privacy screen solutions.

We invite you to explore our innovative range of products created from over 20 years of experience. Freedom Retractable Screens® – Innovative insect screens for modern Australian living!