Never let an insect screen block your view or ruin the elegant atmosphere of your home.

Freedom Retractable Screens® offers you the perfect fusion of discreet style and cutting-edge technology so you can keep the bugs out and let the view in, without any glaring screen parts getting in the way.

Our sleek retrofit housing neatly attaches to your existing opening and rolls away with ease. You can match your screen to your opening or wall colour with our wide range of finishes including powder-coated and anodised aluminium. If you have wooden interiors, make sure you check out our timber-match colours to help you achieve a polished and uniform look for your cosy abode. You may also find our coloured end caps and brake levers to be the perfect finishing touches for a harmonious ambience in your home.

All our Freedom Retractable Screens® were designed to enhance the elegance of your outdoor and living space.

Our ZL2 has a seamless design that complements any architectural style. It comes with a fully flush handle, concealed fixings and a 12.5 mm low profile track where the screen smoothly glides over.

While many of our customers were satisfied with ZL2’s discreet features, we decided to take things up a notch with our ZL2 Integrated. The result is a more elegant and streamlined screening solution since your screen can now be completely built into the wall cavity. Not only that, but you also have the option to mount the 12.5 mm lower track directly on your floor or recessed into it. Most of our customers choose the recessed option because it is less obtrusive and safer as it reduces your risk of trip hazards.

Our Freedom Infinity Zipline features our Freedom™ mesh-to-track retention system wherein the screen zips into the track for superior strength. It also comes with the same recessed option as our ZL2 Integrated, which makes it another ideal screen solution for any home with wheelchair users or persons with disability. Aside from avoiding accidents caused by tripping, its discreet and functional design helps maintain the refined ambience of your space. It also works with flush doorsills.

Our Smartscreen includes a brush strip that gently seals the lower edge of the screen. This means your bar or countertops will not need any additional rework in the future, as this screen will not cause any damage to their smooth surfaces.

Last but not the least, our patented Braking System allows you to screen pillarless corners or areas where large doors meet in the middle, without using any posts or pillars that spoil your view.

If you want to enjoy the view without annoying obstructions and without compromising on the elegance of your home, our discreet Freedom Retractable Screens® are for you.

Freedom Retractable Screens

We took the concept of screen doors and windows, elevating it to a whole new level. Innovative designs that effortlessly blend functionality and style, our screens are custom built for the largest openings like patios, garages and pergolas and they blend in seamlessly with your home.

Best of all, they’re Australian made, so you know they’re quality, backed by a limited 5 year gurarantee. Enhance your living space today by choosing the best retractable screens on the market.

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Who Are We?

We are an Australian manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative screen solutions for french, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors and windows, as well as pillarless corners and large, difficult-to-screen openings, balcony screen, patio screen and outdoor privacy screen solutions.

We invite you to explore our innovative range of products created from over 20 years of experience. Freedom Retractable Screens® – Innovative insect screens for modern Australian living!