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November 1, 2015
shag rug


Decorators warn home owners that dont have much experience decorating their home not to make one of these common home decor mistakes:

  1. Painting Without Testing the Color First. Choosing a colour for your walls should not be an impulsive decision. You need to consider whether your chosen colour will complement or clash with your furniture, and how it will look during different times of the day. Save yourself from the regret of choosing the wrong colour (and throwing your hard-earned money down the drain) and test your colours first.
  2. Buying a Shag Rug. Yes, they’re super comfy. Yes, they lend any living space a cosy, casual look. But unless you want to spend hours per week vacuuming your home—these rugs are notorious for shedding over time—it may be better for you to give these rugs a miss. They are also not ideaf for homeowners who own pets or have allergies.
  3. Installing Marble Countertops. They may be among the most visually striking countertop options available, but don’t let their looks be the sole basis as to why you’re buying them. Marble countertops require high maintenance to keep their stunning appearance last as long as you want. Unfortunately, that almost always never happens. If you can’t bear the thought of seeing difficult-to-remove scratches and stains on your expensive marble countertops, choose a countertop made from another material instead.
  4. Decorating With an Aggressively Colored Sofa. A couch with a bold colour or design will definitely create the impact you want for your living room, but they tend to be so trendy that in a few years’ time, they lose their appeal. They can even limit or control which style of furniture goes well with them!
  5. Rushing to Decorate. Decorating your home takes a lot of time and effort for planning, research, analysis, and communication with various suppliers. Trying to do all these things in one day or one week will most likely end in poor decisions and regret. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  6. Putting Off Basic Renovations Until After You Move In. Closely related to our previous point, choosing to do essential renovations at a later time because you can’t wait to move into your home is a terrible mistake. Basic renovations involving your floors, kitchen, toilet and bath, and wall colour should not be put off at all costs.
  7. Purchasing a Cheap Piece of Furniture That Needs Reupholstering. Repurposing old furniture might save you money initially, but before you hand over that $200 bill to the seller of the sofa you fell in love with, think: does it need to be reupholstered? How much will that cost me? If you don’t ask yourself these questions—and get the answers—before you buy that second-hand furniture, you might end up spending more money than if you bought a brand new sofa.
  8. Covering Floors With White Carpeting. A white carpet will no doubt help you achieve that clean, minimalist look for your home…as long as it stays white, that is. But the truth is, maintaining your white carpet’s pristine appearance is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Just the dust and dirt inside your home is enough to tarnish its spotlessly clean look. Save yourself the stress of spending lots of time and money to maintain your white carpet and just get one in another colour.

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