The ultimate entertainer: The built-in ZL2 Retractable screen

The ZL2 Integrated frame can be installed with almost any door system and fitted with a ZL2 100mm retractable insect screen, either at the time of construction or at a later date to suit you.

Why you should choose the ZL2 Integration System™

Innovative and sleek screening solution

The Freedom™ ZL2 Integration System™ is perfect for homeowners looking for an elegant and streamlined screening solution. This innovative system allows your screen to be built into your wall cavity for a clean and seamless look. As a result, you will see a fuller view of the outdoors while preserving the elegance of your home.

It also utilises the concealed fixings and flush handle features of our Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™ for a truly sleek design aesthetic. If you’re looking for a screen that will maintain the existing style of your home, you will find our ZL2 Integration System™ to be the perfect fit!

Discreet lower track

The lower track of the ZL2 Integration System™ reinforces its sleek design while enhancing your safety. You can have its 12.5mm lower track—the lowest in the market—recessed or mounted directly on your floor. The former option complements the seamless ZL2 Integrated frame—which is built into your wall cavity—but the latter still delivers a discreet look due to its low height.

Whichever option you choose, the lower track of this screening solution will reduce the safety hazards in your home and make it more wheelchair-friendly.

Flexible screen fitment

Unlike other screens in the market that only work with a limited range of door types, our ZL2 Integration System™ can accommodate most door systems. Whether your indoor/outdoor living spaces have bi-fold doors, sliding doors or stacking doors, our ZL2 Integration System™ will work with them all. You also have the option of fitting the frame with the ZL2 100mm retractable insect screen during the construction phase, or at a later time if that will be more convenient for you.

Freedom Screens ZL2 flush handle

Furnished with Freedom™ Brake System

Another innovative feature of our ZL2 Integration System™ is its patented Freedom™ Brake System. What this braking system does is it lets you stop the screen anywhere along the track without having to worry about unsafe spring-backs. The screen will stay in that position, guaranteed. That is, until you move it again. You don’t need to install additional latches or use door stoppers to keep it from moving; our unique braking system will take care of that for you.

suited for wide openings

Our ZL2 Integration System™ has generous span options so you can screen large openings of your home with ease. A single-sided unit can span up to 6.5 metres, while our double-sided unit can span twice this length! This makes the ZL2 Integration System™ an ideal screening solution for the large living areas of your home.

Designed and made in Australia

The ZL2 Integration System™ is a high-quality screening solution built to handle the harsh Australian climate. As with the rest of our Freedom™ retractable screens, we make the ZL2 Integration System right here in Australia and from superior quality materials to ensure its durability and smooth operation for many years.

Includes a five-year limited warranty

Your purchase of our ZL2 Integration System™ includes a limited five-year warranty. In the event that your screen gets damaged, you may approach any of our distributors located nationwide for parts and service assistance.

What Are The Benefits?

Create an elegant and seamless look
Adaptable fitting options
Eliminate spring-backs
Lessen accidents caused by tripping
Uncompromised outdoor views

Screen Specifications

HousingMaximum Single Screen Span*Maximum Double Screen Span*
*Maximum height and width ratio applies
  • Suitable for new builds and renovations and compatible with most door types including bi-fold doors, sliding doors and stacking doors
  • 12.5mm bottom profile track
  • Comes in Dulux® and Interpon® powder coat colours
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Freedom™ Braking System – Yes

ZL2 Integration System™ Product FAQ

Q. Does the ZL2 Integration System™ work with blinds or curtains?

A. Yes. In most cases, we can build your screen around your existing blinds or curtains. You have the option of inserting the 100mm retractable screen during the build, or at a later time if that is your preference. However, it will be easier to install your screen first, followed by your blinds or curtains.

Q. Can you customise my screen?

A. Yes! We specialise in building insect screens according to our clients’ specifications. Contact us so we can start building the screen you’ve always wanted!

Q. How safe is the ZL2 Integration System™?

A. Thanks to its 12.5mm bottom track and Freedom™ Brake System, our ZL2 Integration System™ is very safe. The low bottom track is wheelchair-friendly and prevents tripping, while our patented braking system eliminates unsafe spring-backs.

Q. How do I clean it?

A. All our screens are very easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is brush and vacuum them regularly.

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