Premium protection to complement the style of your entire home.

The Freedom™ Prima retractable insect mesh screen is designed to be modern and functional, featuring customised sizing, colour options and single or double screen configurations.


Freedom™ Prima keeps the mesh firmly in place, even in very windy conditions, thanks to Freedom’s one of a kind mesh-to-track retention system.

Our unique retractable insect screen comes with a built-in zipper which ensures the mesh always stays in the track. The mesh-to-track retention system’s robust construction is designed to stand the test of time.


We manufactured our Freedom™ Prima from heavy-duty materials so you reap its benefits for years on end. This 100% Australian-designed innovation harnesses the strength of Australian aluminium and premium fibreglass mesh with UV resistance.


The Freedom™ Prima spans up to 1.7m for the the single screen and the double screen spanning 3.4m. The Freedom™ Prima will complement your French, bi-fold, and sliding stacker doors perfectly.


The Freedom™ Prima’s self-closing, slow recoil viscous braking system provides consistent flow from start to finish. It can be adjusted by the top tensioner to the perfect speed. The Freedom™ Prima also features a strong, magnet-free catch which holds the screen securely in place.

Ultimate Strength & Durability

Just like the rest of our range, our Freedom™ Prima utilises superior-quality materials such as Australian aluminium and UV-resistant fibreglass mesh which endure the test of time and the harsh Australian climate. The Freedom™ Prima also uses the same strong and durable mesh-to-track retention system as our Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™ and Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen.

Versatile single or double screen configuration

Our Freedom™ Prima ‘s versatile single or double screen configuration allows it to fit harmoniously into any architectural setting. Whatever configuration your living space can accommodate, the Freedom™ Prima transforms the openings of your home through superior function and form.

Our Freedom™ Prima’s heavy-duty mesh screen helps keep insects at bay without impeding air flow: you will enjoy the comforts of a cool, pest-free household every day of the year. The Freedom™ Prima’s ability to let the cool breeze in allows you to beat the heat and cut down on your energy bills during the hot and muggy summer months.

Custom sizes and colours for doors or windows

Our Freedom™ Prima comes in a variety of UV-resistant mesh options which include Patio, Pet-Lite, and Sandfly. You can also choose from several finishes including powder-coated and clear-anodised aluminium, coloured end caps and brake levers, and the Dulux® powder coat range. Whatever your preference, Freedom™ Prima is a great option for your insect screen needs.

Five-year limited warranty

Our Freedom™ Prima includes a five-year limited warranty with our network of Australian distributors who offer parts and service backup. Should you need help in these areas, simply reach out to them and they will be happy to assist you.

What Are The Benefits?

Achieve that seamless look
Convenient and easy to use
No more mesh blowouts
Complements entire house
Lower your electricity costs
Customised sizing

Screen Specifications

HousingSingle Screen Span Length*Double Screen Span Length*
*Maximum height and width ratio applies
28mm (H) x 20mm (W)
  • Suitable for standard screen openings, perfect to compliment the rest of our range throughout your home
  • Spans up to 1.7m for single screen and up to 3.4m for double screen
  • Bottom profile track size: 28mm (H) x 20mm (W)
  • Comes in the popular Dulux® powder coat range and clear anodised aluminium finishes
  • Black & white end caps available
  • UV resistant mesh options (Patio, Pet-Lite and Sandfly) available
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Freedom™ Soft-Close System – Yes

Freedom™ Prima Product FAQ

Q. Is it suitable for windy areas?

A. Yes. The Freedom™ Prima has outstanding wind resistance, although we do recommend you retract the screen during very high winds.

Q. Will you replace the mesh if it gets damaged?

A. The incredible strength of our Freedom™ mesh-to-track retention system is second-to-none. If, however, your screen does get damaged, a mesh replacement can be arranged by a distributor near you for a reasonable cost.

Q. Can I use it with curtains & blinds?

A. Yes. In most instances, we can fit the screen around your existing blinds or curtains. We do recommend that you install your screens before your blinds or curtains to make things easier.

Q. How do I clean my screen?

A. Simply use a brush and vacuum it regularly.

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