exquisite & versatile – The widest retractable fly screen on the market

Discover the benefits of opening up your home with our Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™, a stylish screen solution that enhances your comfort and safety in your favourite living areas spanning up to 13 metres.

Why you should choose the ZL2 Retractable Screen™

Spans up to 13 metres

The Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™ is the ideal retractable screening solution for huge areas of your home. A single-sided unit can span 6.5 metres, while our double-sided unit spans up to a full 13 metres, making the ZL2 the widest retractable insect screen on the market.

Perfect for large areas and corner openings

The Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™ is an excellent choice for screening wide openings of your home, such as openings leading to your patio, garden, and balcony. It is also suitable for large corner openings.

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Low profile construction

Aside from being the widest retractable screen on the market, the Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™ also features the lowest track profile on the market. At only 12.5 mm high, the ZL2’s bottom track effectively reduces your risk for accidents caused by tripping.

premium retractable fly screens - freedom screens ZL2 - bottom track


If you think insect screens are an eyesore, the Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™ will make you think again. Its concealed fixings and flush handle allow it to blend into any living space seamlessly so you can maintain the modern and stylish look of your home.

Excellent wind resistance

Even the windiest areas of Australia are no match against our Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™! Every ZL2 we make includes a fully anchored mesh for superior resistance against strong winds.

Australian-designed and made

The Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™ is designed and made right here in Australia. We use only the strongest materials in making the ZL2 to ensure that you can reap its amazing benefits for many years to come.

Comes with a five-year limited warranty

The Freedom™ ZL2 Retractable Screen™ comes with a five-year limited warranty. Should your screen get damaged, our nationwide network of distributors who offer parts and service backup will assist you.

What Are The Benefits?

Create a harmonious look
Works with many door types
Retain the elegance of your home
Minimise tripping accidents
No unsafe spring-backs
Fully anchored mesh

Screen Specifications

HousingMaximum Single Screen Span*Maximum Double Screen Span*
*Maximum height and width ratio applies
  • Suitable for large corner openings and various door configurations like bi-fold doors, sliding doors and stacking doors
  • Spans up to 6.5m for a single-sided unit and up to 13m for a double-sided unit
  • 12.5mm bottom profile track, the lowest on the market!
  • Comes in Dulux® and Interpon® powder coat colours
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Freedom™ Braking System – Yes

ZL2 Retractable Screen™ Product FAQ

Q. Is the ZL2 wheelchair-friendly?

A. Yes! Its ultra-low bottom track, with a height of only 12.5 mm, is the lowest on the market. This makes the ZL2 perfect for homes with wheelchair users.

Q. I live in a windy area. Will the ZL2 hold up to strong winds?

A. Yes! The ZL2 is furnished with a fully anchored mesh for excellent wind resistance.

Q. How do I clean my screen?

A. Simply use a brush and vacuum it regularly.

Q. Will the ZL2 spring back after I release it?

A. No, it won’t! The ZL2 is designed with our patented Freedom™ Brake System. This innovative braking system allows you to stop the screen anywhere along the track without any spring-backs.

Q. Does the ZL2 come with a warranty?

A. Yes, it does! The ZL2 includes a limited five-year warranty. Should your mesh get broken or damaged in any way, you can have it replaced by a distributor near you for a reasonable cost.

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