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April 10, 2016
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As a lover of home trends you probably noticed the latest trend is to have an airy, indoor/outdoor space to maximise your use an enjoyment of your home.

Now more than ever we feel the need to connect with nature, and at home that means enjoying our gardens, outdoor rooms and swimming pools, afterall why not take advantage of this awesome Australian sunshine?

On the pages of Vogue Living there are some gorgeous outdoor – indoor rooms are featured, separated by glass instead of the traditional white walls.

The benefits of using glass screens instead of traditional doors and walls are many. Here are just four of them:

    1. Allows natural light to enter your home. Unlike solid doors that close off spaces and prevent sunlight from flowing into your home, glass screens do the exact opposite. Their transparency makes them perfect for homeowners who want to maximise natural light. If you want to reduce your need for artificial light to illuminate your home and lower your energy costs, glass screens are for you. 
    2. Maximises the available space. This is particularly true if you are using sliding or stacking glass doors. Unlike traditional hinged doors, these two types of glass doors move along a track. They don’t take up additional space to operate, unlike doors that swing open. 
    3. Complements modern aesthetics. Glass screens are ideal for modern Australian homes as they seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor living spaces, which is a mark of modern architecture. You can’t go wrong with glass screens if you are very particular about maintaining the modern look of your home.
    4. Protects you from harsh natural elements. Glass screens also have the capacity to shield you from harsh environmental factors. Whether its heat, dust, rain or noise you’re seeking protection from, you can count on glass screens to deliver. 

If you’re keen on this trend just remember having an entire side of your home open, leaves you vulnerable to insect invasions, so make sure you have insect screens fitted. Don’t worry they wont interfere with your homes design.

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