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November 19, 2015
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Can’t afford an interior decorator but want to improve the look of your home? No problem, you don’t need to be a design guru to have a gorgeous home. Here are some interior design hacks that will have your home looking professionally done!

  1. Choose the right sized rug. Measure your area before you go shopping. Don’t buy a rug that’s too small.
  2. Create a neat, coheasive gallery wall. Colours should be simple and complement each other.
  3. Don’t forget about adding different textures in rugs, cushions and other accessories.
  4. Make sure your lamps are the correct height, not too short.
  5. Keep plugs and messy cords out of sight.
  6. Upgrade your dining area. There’s no need to purchase new or expensive furniture. You just need to think creatively! For example, you can cover your dining table with a colourful fabric or table runner and then top it off with books or another interesting centrepiece. Clear the table and add a tablecloth when you’re entertaining guests.
  7. Use white. Whether it’s furniture or wall colour, the colour white gives your home a fresh and modern appearance.
  8. Improvise your chairs. Using furry stools gives your room a casual look. Adding seat cushions to wooden chairs will make it more comfortable for your guests. Give your chairs a new character by painting them with a new colour.
  9. Paint and mesh. For instance, if your mirror doesn’t match your decor, paint the former’s frame so it matches your theme.
  10. Contrast trims for your windows. When your window frames’ colours are in sharp contrast with your walls, they emit an elegant, modern and energetic vibe.
  11. Utilise three-tiered side tables. Not only do they save space, but they also look great next to your sofa.
  12. Create a stylish vignette effect on your home office. Place a lamp on one side of your desk and a stack of colour-coordinated books on the other for an eye-catching display.
  13. Try striped walls for a change. Horizontal-striped walls help widen the visual dimensions of narrow or odd-shaped rooms; vertical-striped walls make low-ceiling rooms appear taller.
  14. Plan ahead. Before buying, say, a new vase, try to determine if it looks great in at least three spaces in your house before paying for the item. Should you upgrade one of your rooms in the future, you can move the item to another spot effortlessly.
  15. Arrange your living spaces accordingly. Figure out the perfect spots for your furniture so you can maximise your space and live more comfortably.

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