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December 1, 2015

If you own a beach house or are considering purchasing one you probably know that it’s going to take a little more care to maintain than an ordinary home and that’s because it’s exposed to harsh elements such as sand, wind and water.

Don’t let these harsh environmental factors put your investment to waste! Follow these three tips to retain the beauty and functionality of your beach house.

  1. Keep the sand out. Regularly mopping, scrubbing and resealing your floors—hardwood floors are ideal for beach houses—can help ensure their longevity and slow down their wear and tear. Ask your guests to get rid of the sand that may be clinging on their bodies before stepping inside your beach house, including your deck, by taking a quick shower first. In line with this, opt for sand-free rugs, mats, and towels as they are made of innovative materials that won’t collect sand, unlike your typical carpets and towels.
  2. Use furniture covers. These handy covers add an extra layer of protection to your couches, chairs, and beds. Should you or your guest still manage to bring in sand inside your beach house, these covers can help ensure these fine grains won’t make contact with your furniture. Choose furniture covers that can easily be wiped down or removed so you can take them out and shake off the sand they have collected.   
  3. Before you leave your beach house, make sure you close all your windows and doors. The salt from the sea can ruin your upholstery, make your appliances rusty, and even damage your floors. To prevent this from happening, shut all your doors and windows so no salt gels can enter your beach house. Following a weekly cleaning schedule—sweeping your floors and wiping your doors and windows—will also prevent the accumulation of salt on these surfaces.

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