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August 10, 2015


You can add some sparkle to your patio without breaking the bank. Try these budget friendly but effective ways to spruce up your outdoors…

1. Add some potted plants and flowers

A succulent garden can bring your outdoor space to life without breaking the bank. You can buy mini-succulents at your local flea market or grocery store for no more than $3 each.

To create your own succulent garden, you need a ribbon, twine, paint brush, mod podge, empty yoghurt container, and your mini-succulent plants.

Wash the yoghurt container completely and cut off the upper third portion. Place some mod podge on the lid’s container. Use your paint brush to apply mod podge evenly on the yoghurt container’s surface.

Next, wrap twine around the container. Once the glue dries completely, wrap a ribbon around the container.

Finally, plant your mini-succulent. Make as many containers which your patio can accommodate.

2. Add some mood lighting as you would in your indoor space

A mason jar lantern can liven up your patio. For this task, you need a mason jar, plants, pebbles, candles, sewing pins, and twine.

First, flip the jar upside down. Measure the length of twine around the jar from top to bottom then back to the top. Multiply this amount by ten. Cut eight pieces of twine which is equal to the new amount.

Next, divide the eight pieces of twine into two bunches of four. From these into an “X” and tie the centre into a lanyard knot. To hold the twine in place, pin the knot down

With half of the diameter of the jar’s bottom as your basis, tie two strands together all the way around at this distance from the middle. Continue tying until your jar is completely covered.

You can place an LED light, candle, or plant inside the jar while it’s hanging from a beam or tree branch.

3. Throw in some accent pieces

For example, try stitching a portion of empty coffee sacks to your pillows to give your outdoor living space a unique touch.

For detailed how-to advice on how to implement  these tips, click here. 

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