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November 1, 2015
prime rib


Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to slave over a hot stove all day. With out lovely weather, why not take the feast outside with a BBQ?

Here are some Chistmas BBQ recipes to try this year

  1. Prime Rib Roast. To maximise the flavour of this sumptuous dish, keep the temperature low while grilling. To collect the drippings, use a drip tray.
  2. Honey-glazed Smoked Ham. For best results, try slathering a spicy rub on your ham before placing it inside the smoker.
  3. Herb Truffle Pork Loin Roast. Allow the rub to soak into the meat overnight and then use rotisserie-style cooking to bring out the fullness of flavours.
  4. Apple Wood Smoked Turkey. Slather the turkey with a mixture of maple syrup and apple cider, brine it for several hours, and finally slow smoke it until the meat becomes tender.
  5. Cinnamon Apple Ham. If you want to fully enjoy this succulent Christmas staple, slow roasting is the way to go.
  6. Herb and Red Wine Rotisserie Leg of Lamb. There’s nothing quite like an herb and red wine combination to complement a delicious rotisserie-cooked lamb leg.
  7. Italian Herb Rotisserie Chicken with Sweetened Balsamic Glaze. This dish is ideal not just for Christmas, but also at any time of the year. If you’re not fond of turkey meat, rotisserie chicken should satisfy your palate.
  8. Grilled Lobster Tails. Just like Italian herb rotisserie chicken, grilled lobster tails are perfect for any kind of gathering. Preparing it is also easier than cooking shellfish.
  9. Simple Smoked Goose. This dish is the epitome of simplicity because it only requires a few basic ingredients. Despite its few garnishes, a simple smoked goose’s flavour will still captivate your taste buds.
  10. Rotisserie Turkey. Before buying this fowl to pop into your rotisserie, make sure it can accommodate its size and weight. Cook thoroughly and enjoy.

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