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December 26, 2017

A study in 2017 detailed the 75 percent decline in Germany’s flying insect population over the last 3 decades.

This could have a major impact on the world’s ecosystem and agriculture. For example, these flying insects pollinate the plants that we feed on.

Their droppings also help fertilise the soil. Without insects, the human population will suffer the consequences of a steep decline in fruit and vegetable production.

Insects are also a vital part of the food chain. They decompose produce, decayed material, and animal carcasses. These insects are also food sources for animals such as birds and fish. Some humans also consume insects because they’re low in calories and provide decent amounts of protein.

This article highlights the importance of non-lethal means of repelling insects such as insect screens. We don’t need to kill bugs to keep them out of our homes, there are better options available such as Freedom Screens.

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