January 19, 2016

Source: www.orkin.com

You’ve probably asked yourself whether you should throw out that sandwich after a fly has landed on it and if you decide not to, you probably still have that nagging feeling while eating it. So what should you do?

While flies do have a role to play in decomposing waste, pollinating plants, being food for animals and other insects and even helping disinfect animal wounds, they are a real annoyance in the home and none so much as the common house fly, also known as the filth fly.

House flies transit pathogens on their feet and body and leave behind their pathogen loaded footprints on food. They also leave their faeces on food. They also vomit on food – gross!!!

So if the fly had enough time to walk around on your food, chances are it had time to vomit, suck up and defecate on it too. You’d rather be safe than sorry, throw the food out in this case and make sure you’re keeping these pests out of your kitchen and home with your retractable screen doors.

Source: http://theconversation.com/should-i-throw-away-food-once-a-fly-has-landed-on-it-50895

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