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November 4, 2016


Experts say the still, warm waters around Victoria and other areas are a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

We can expect the mosquito problem to get worse over the next few weeks, until the weather starts drying up again, experts warn.

The spike in mosquitoes could trigger a disease outbreak, including Ross River, Barmah Forrest, and Murray Valley encephalitis. They may cause influenza-like symptoms which, in turn, lead to inflammation, fatigue, and aches. 

Experts say citronella candles are just a temporary fix. A mosquito repellent formula with DEET or diethyltoluamide is a better option. 

Other ways to keep mosquitoes at bay include wearing loose-fitting clothing, emptying wading pools when not in use, and minimising nighttime outdoor activities. 

While we all want to get out and start enjoying the warmer weather, make sure you and your family are protected. Also keep your home safe by ensuring mosquitoes can’t get in. Have your doors and windows covered with mosquito screens.


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