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March 24, 2018

With the Easter holidays upon us, some of us may be having family and/or friends from out of town who will spend a few nights. You should at least ensure your guests are comfortable: that means a comfy bed and warm bed linen.

Here are other tips that will help you make your spare room guest-ready:


Keep your guests safe and relaxed during their stay by ensuring their room is well-illuminated. A well-lit room will help your guests navigate the room efficiently and spot things left lying on the floor that could cause them to trip and fall.


No one likes to stay in a stuffy room, and that includes your guests. An airconditioned room will surely keep your guests cool and fresh, but if your spare room doesn’t have an AC unit, you can put fans instead to ensure proper air circulation in that room.


If you really want to make the stay of your family or friends as memorable as possible, you need to personalise their room. No, we don’t mean filling your spare room with every little object that they love. But adding a few details and objects that resonate with their passions can go a long way. If your parents or siblings are into aromatherapy, consider putting a few bottles of essential oils and incense sticks in the room. Hosting some friends who love sports? Pull out your sports books and magazines and place them on the bed or study table in your guest room.

If you want to go the extra mile, make sure your guests are protected from creepy crawlies and unwanted pests from the outdoors by having windows and openings covered with insect screens.

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