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April 3, 2018

In this video you’ll get some tips on how to make the outside of your home as attractive as the interior.

Here are other ways to improve your home’s curb appeal:

  1. Replace worn-out hardware: check if your entry door lockset, house number, mailbox, and overhead light fixture are in good condition. Otherwise, they will negatively impact your house’s aesthetics.
  1. Install window boxes: These fixtures give your home’s exterior some eye candy, especially if you grow colourful plants and flowers inside. If you prefer a traditional look and feel, go for copper or iron window boxes. Painted wood is the better option for houses which resemble cottages.
  1. Spruce up your front door: Experts consider your front door an integral part of your curb appeal. A custom wood door or a fresh paint job should wow onlookers and give them a fantastic first impression. For best results, your front door should also reflect your house’s interior.
  1. Prioritise front porch seating: Front porch furniture – particularly rocking chairs – invite your guests to sit back and check out your abode. Make your visitors feel welcome with coffee or tea and a good conversation for good measure.
  1. Install outdoor lighting: Not only does landscape lighting increase your home’s curb appeal at night, but they also improve safety and security.
  1. Add weather-resistant art: Install artwork which is consistent with your theme and outside elements. These include wind chimes, birdbaths, water sculptures, and fountains. Passersby and visitors will consider them beautiful and therapeutic.
  1. Upgrade railings: Your porch railings improve your home’s exterior aesthetic. If they’re dilapidated, it’s time for an upgrade. Experts recommend wood or metal components because of their durability.
  1. Tile the doorstep: Tired of frequently replacing your worn-out mats? Tile your doorstep – it acts as a welcome mat for your guests. Ensure the colours contrast with your porch floor or front stoop so they catch your visitors’ eyes.
  1. Create a walkway: Make your home more inviting by building a colourful walkway made of stones or bricks. Visitors walking down your walkway will end up on your doorstep tiles and eventually inside your house, making for a great aesthetic experience.

Your home’s exterior is a reflection of your personal tastes and a way to impress your guests. Whilst improving your house’s curb appeal takes a lot of careful planning and execution, your efforts should pay off handsomely in the long run.

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