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May 26, 2018

As we know, insects are the backbone of a healthy ecosystem, so declines in their numbers will have wide-reaching and catastrophic consequences.

While there are a number of things we can do to protect insect populations, one of the greatest is simple: don’t kill them.

Other ways of protecting insects include:

1. GrowING plants

Turning your balcony or window box into a plant or flower sanctuary bodes well for insects. Bees and their other pollinating critters will eventually thrive.

If you have limited space, try growing a vertical garden on your rooftop or external wall.

2. Building insect environments

Birds and dogs aren’t the only animals who enjoy living in their own houses. Nowadays, building insect habitats such as butterfly and bee barns have become the norm. These sanctuaries allow insects to breed and eventually improve the earth’s biodiversity.


Your artificial outside lights diminish the insect population because they lure them away from their natural breeding habitats. For example, it’s common to see many moths surround your outside lights because they find them attractive. Unfortunately, these lights may also burn insects to death. Switch off your outside lights and save more insects’ lives.

Keeping insects out of your home in a safe way is as simple as having your doors and windows covered with insect screens. This is much better for them, the environment and your family than harsh poisonous chemicals used to kill bugs.

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