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July 6, 2015

Learn to make a patio cheaply and fairly easily.  Simply use spray paint to make the outline of your patio and then follow these easy steps.

  1. Draw: Purchase some white spray paint with a nozzle which points straight up and then tie it to a string at the patio’s centre. This will act as your makeshift compass which will draw your outline.
  2. Dig and level out the area: Use a spade to dig out roughly five to six inches of soil across the circular outline. Next, use a light and heavy rake to even out the surface. Pound the dirt into submission using a large tamper afterward.
  3. Add sand to make it more level: Spread out approximately two inches of levelling sand on the area. Use the rake and tamper as needed.
  4. Put down interlocking paver base pads: Next, lay down these base pads. Begin at the centre and then work your way out. When you reach the outer edge, use a boxcutter to trim them. Once you’re done lying down the base pads, use the tamper to settle them firmly in place.
  5. Lay down your pavers: Start placing your pavers or bricks in the middle and then work your way outward. When purchasing bricks, it’s better to over-order than run out of stocks before you finish laying them down.
  6. Install flexible edging: Pound the stakes at a bit of an angle inward toward the patio. Utilise heavy-duty tin snips to cut through the tough plastic.
  7. The last step is pouring a layer of sand over your bricks and into the holes between them Pour a layer of sand over the bricks: Do this one bucket at a time. Ensure the sand fills the crevices. Once water seeps in it will harden the sand and eventually connect your patio’s arrangement.

Click here for a detailed plan.

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