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September 27, 2017

Mosquitoes and house flies seem to be the biggest problem in our homes and there are some effective and natural ways of keeping them out.

Here are four plants to consider keeping within your home and on your patio/balcony that actually repel these pests:

  1. Marigold. This flower isn’t just attractive; it’s also an effective mosquito repellant. The marigold’s pollen and petals emit an aroma these insects cannot stand. Adding this flower to your collection adds to your home’s lustre and helps you create a mosquito-free environment.
  2. Basil. Keeping this herb in your garden is a sure-fire way to keep mosquitoes and flies at bay. The reason: these pests are turned off by its pungent odour. If you’re keen on breeding basil plants, make sure you give them heaps of sunshine, water, and proper drainage.
  3. Citronella. Mosquitoes also hate the distinct smell of this tall tropical grass. Citronella needs natural sunlight and ample drainage to thrive, so make sure you provide these. Alternatively, you can mix citronella oil with water for your mopping solution to drive mosquitoes away.
  4. Peppermint. This herb that is popular for keeping your breath fresh repels mosquitoes because of its scent! You can grow mint in pots—just fill it with damp soil and make sure it has good drainage.

Other worthy options include rosemary, catnip, and scented geraniums.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a green thumb and aren’t confident you can keep these plants alive, an easier way to keep insects out of your home is having your doors and windows covered with screens.


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