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February 10, 2018

Mosquito bites are probably one of the worst things about summer and outdoor activities but apparently insects are fussy about who they bite.

According to Dr Cameron Webb, a clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney and Principal Hospital Scientist with the Department of Medical Entomology at NSW Health Pathology, mosquitoes are attracted to different things and only the female of the species bites in order to obtain nutrition from our blood to develop eggs.

According to the expert, these mosquitoes only bite people who they are attracted to because of the smell of carbon dioxide, everyone breathes out, he adds.

He also explains that the smell of a person’s skin and sweat also play a role in the appeal of the ‘victim’.

While mosquito nets and loose clothing are also good ways for putting a barrier between the bugs and humans, the best way to protect your home is have flyscreens or insect screens installed.

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