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December 28, 2017

Scientists have found that flying insects in nature protected areas have declined in numbers by more than 74 per cent since 1990.

This alarming study shows that diversity and abundance have declined and scientists in Germany who have studied the phenomenon believe insecticides and pesticides have a lot to do with it.

This has raised the question, should we ban pesticides and insecticides and what alternatives are there?

With the decline in the number of insects, it’s a good idea to find a more environmentally friendly way of dealing with insects.

Some time-tested, earth-friendly pest control methods include:

Sealing openings: This is your first line of defence against pesky insects and rodents. Seal off the cracks in your kitchen or bathroom with silicone caulk. For larger openings, use metal, steel wool, or cement. Refrain from using rubber, plastic, vinyl, or wood as vermin can chew through these.

Doing some spring cleaning: Don’t leave any food lying around your house because pests like to feast on them. The same goes for your old belongings. For example, rats chew on scraps of cloth, old newspapers, and anything they can find! It’s either you bring these stuff to the junk shop for recycling or put them in your rubbish bin straight away.

Keeping pests out the old school way: Old-school methods such as mouse traps, fly swatters, and jar traps work equally well in preventing insects from invading your home. You can also use natural ingredients to your advantage. For example, lavender, citronella, and cinnamon oil help ward off pesky mosquitoes.

For home-owners insect screens will do the trick, allowing you to keep bugs out without killing them. The answer for farmers won’t be as simple.

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