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March 10, 2016

beachsideTurning your home into a beachside beauty may seem impossible, especially if you live far away from the ocean, but that’s even more reason why you should try to evoke those feelings of relaxation and calm that inevitably comes over you every time you go to the beach.

To achieve a relaxing and calm room consider your colours, think of the colours of the water, the sand and sky. Also think of the textures and lighting.

Here are some concrete tips to make your house look and feel as relaxing as a beachside home.

  1. Keep it light and airy. Beach homes typically have large glass windows and doors to allow natural sunlight and the fresh ocean breeze to flow through. If your home has glass windows, avoid covering them up with thick, solid curtains. Use sheer and light-coloured (preferably white) curtains instead.
  2. Choose a blue-and-white colour palette. Nothing says “ocean” more than this soothing colour combination! Use a white slipcover for your sofa and throw in some blue throw pillows. Lay a striped white-and-blue rug on your living room. White walls sprinkled with blue-coloured statement pieces will also create that seaside atmosphere.
  3. Use water-resistant furniture. Rustic furniture made of water-resistant materials—bamboo, rattan and wicker are great options—lend your home a laid-back, beach-y vibe. 
  4. Pick wooden and sand-coloured decor. When placed in a predominantly white living space, wooden and sand-coloured accents like table centrepieces, storage baskets, and bookshelves not only create contrast but also bring to mind the natural beach landscape. 
  5. Choose ocean-inspired accessories. Seashell wind chimes, and picture frames and mirrors framed with shells instantly give your home that calming, seaside feeling. You can also scour shops for artwork featuring sea animals like sea horses, dolphins, and turtles.

Insect screens are another useful way to transform your home because it allows you to enjoy the outside with an uninterrupted view and the fresh breeze without the swarms of insects invading your home because you can leave your doors and windows open, as long as they are protected with a screen.


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