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Freedom™ SmartScreen

Patio Screen Solutions

The SmartScreen patio screen solutions are the finest choice in fly screens to keep your patios free from insects and provide protection from harmful sunlight and wind.

These high quality screening products roll from the top down, and come in 3 sizes, covering a drop of up to 3 metres and a span of up to 5.6 metres.

There is a manual as well as a motorised option and a choice of materials such as insect mesh or blind and shading materials.

Why The SmartScreen is Best for Your Patio Area

  • Keeps your patio insect-free.
  • In draughty areas, it minimises wind exposure.
  • Provides protection from the glare of the sun.
  • Keeps the area cool in summer.
  • Preserves the warmth in winter.
  • Comes in 3 sizes to suit your home’s needs.
  • Durable product, made in Australia.
  • Suitable for screening large openings such outdoor areas as well as for use indoors.
  • Comes in a choice of fabrics of either insect mesh or blind/shading materials.
  • Available in motorised or manual, pull-down option depending on your needs.
  • Elegantly designed.
  • Limited 5year warranty.

Get to Know The SmartScreen

The SmartScreen is a perfect option for homeowners looking to increase the time spent in their outdoor entertainment areas, not just patios but balconies, alfresco areas and even garages.

To take advantage of the predominantly sunny weather we enjoy here in Australia, all year round, we need to have insect screens fitted to keep pesky bugs away when we’re spending time in our outdoor areas.

Whether you want to entertain more or simply spend more time lounging outside, the SmartScreen will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces more, providing insulation for your patio.

Allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the fear of insects, it also provides privacy from your neighbours and passers-by.

Enjoy Year-Round Patio Protection

While homeowners want to make the most of summer, this is usually the time when insects are out at their worst. Summer is also when the sun seems to be at its harshest. Having this product installed will not only keep away the insects which are most active during summer, such as flies and mosquitoes, it will also intercept that harsh glare from the sun.

In Winter the screening system helps insulate the area, maintaining whatever heat from the sun gets through and blocking the wind with a specially designed, no-gap system.

In addition to use on balconies, patios, garages and alfresco area, this system is also well suited for external windows and kitchen serveries.

Minimising the heat and maintaining warmth, means less air-conditioning and heating use, which will benefit the environment and your wallet, due to reduced electricity bills.

More Details About the Product

  • SmartScreen patio screen solutions from Freedom Screens are built to last in our intense climate.
  • Manufactured right here in Australia of the finest quality products, the screens come with a limited 5year warranty.
  • Available in 3 sizes, the screen also comes in a material of your choice, either insect mesh or blind and shading material. There is also a choice of motorised or pull-down options.
  • The design is sleek and unobtrusive, so no matter the style of home, the screen fits in effortlessly.
  • It is also better for the environment because it does away with harmful insect repellents, which are toxic for your family.
  • Anyone can easily operate the SmartScreen, whether you choose the motorised or manual option even children and people with movement impairments can easily operate the screens.
  • A pull-down option more suitable for small areas is available as well as motorised option with a top quality motor for those larger areas.