February 2, 2021

On the aesthetic aspect, the façade of your home—including your garage door—will be the first thing visitors and neighbours notice about your property. For passers-by and particularly for house-hunters, the front part of your residence is enough to leave them with an impression of your entire home. That impression can influence their decision to buy—or not buy—your home when you put it up for sale later on.

Apart from being uninviting to your guests, an old, rickety garage door may be a cause for concern in terms of your family’s security. Replacing your dilapidated garage door with a brand new one will offer better protection for your car, gym equipment or other stuff you store in your garage. More importantly, it will prevent break-ins and enhance the safety of your family.

Thinking of making a garage door upgrade? Here are a few types you might want to consider:

1. Wooden Garage Doors

Whether real or synthetic, wooden doors add a distinct character and unmistakable charm to your home. Its versatility, strength and durability make it an ideal choice for garage doors. On top of these qualities, wooden or faux wood doors come in many colours, designs and finishes that can lend a unique and well-maintained look to your garage. 

2. Carriage House-Style Garage Doors

The windows on carriage house-style garage doors give off a classic, vintage vibe that makes your home feel warm and welcoming. While carriage house-style garage doors look as if they would open like double doors—parting at the centre and turning outward from their hinges—they usually open like regular garage doors: up and over.

3. Aluminium Garage Doors

You can’t go wrong with aluminium garage doors if you want to make your house stand out. Aside from giving your home a modern look, aluminium garage doors offer long-lasting performance with their heavy-duty construction. They are sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and other destructive elements.

Whatever type of garage door you upgrade to, it might be to your advantage to invest in double-layer doors that offer increased insulation. Garage doors with a galvanised steel surface are also ideal if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

To make the most of your garage door upgrade, consider installing retractable insect screens on your garage openings. These screens allow you to work more comfortably in your garage by letting the cool breeze in while keeping the bugs out. They give you the freedom to tinker with your car or motorcycle, or work out in your garage gym without getting interrupted by buzzing flies and stinging mozzies. 

Freedom Retractable Screens offer a variety of innovative screen solutions that can fit openings up to 13 metres wide—perfect for garage doors, patios, balconies, and other large, difficult-to-screen areas of your home! Contact your local expert from Freedom Retractable Screens to find the perfect screen solution that will complement your garage door upgrade.

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