July 10, 2019

Australians love the outdoors and entertaining family and friends at their homes. Creating flow and connection between your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas can make your home feel more expansive and peaceful. If you are planning a renovation or want to get inspired, here’s how to create an incredible indoor-outdoor entertainment area for your home.

Shelter your outdoor area

Outdoor entertaining areas are fantastic, but with the harsh summer weather conditions, it is worthwhile sheltering a portion of your outdoor entertaining area. Invest in a patio or pergola to not only provide some shade for you and your guests but also create flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are looking for something more affordable, opt for a large umbrella to create a similar atmosphere. Shelter in your outdoor area instantly creates convenience and comfort, exactly what you need for indoor-outdoor entertaining areas.

Open your living space with doors

Removing walls, or even just changing up the type of door, works wonders for entertainment areas. Choose bi-fold doors or sliding glass doors to create a statement and ease functionality, which are popular choices for extending your home to the outdoors. Opening your indoor space with doors creates an uninterrupted flow between the indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, creating an instant connect with the outdoors.

Install retractable fly screens

Once you have opened your house with doors, it’s a good idea to install retractable fly screens. It’s challenging to escape insects and bugs in Australia, and you will often find yourself swatting away midges and mosquitos. Installing retractable fly screens will increase your comfort level, while still being aesthetically pleasing as the screens do not interrupt views. At Freedom Retractable Screens, we create screens up to 13 metres wide, suitable for doors and windows of all shapes and sizes. We even offer unique, no gap blind systems that are perfect for enclosing patios or pergola areas for the ultimate comfort. Get in contact with your local expert distributor to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Are you looking to improve your indoor-outdoor living with retractable fly screens? Get in contact with your local expert from Freedom Retractable Screens to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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