The Worst Insect Stings Ever

Sure insects can be annoying but in the worst case scenario they can be so much worse. In some cases insect stings can be life-threatening, for example if people are allergic to it or if they [...]

Don’t Eat Foods That Flies Have Sat On

If a fly sits on your food, throw it away – that’s the message from researchers. Researchers at Penn State University’s Eberly College of Science, Singapore’s Nanyang Technological [...]

Rodents on The Rise in Geelong

According to Geelong based pest controllers, the area has seen a surge in calls from residents seeking help to clear rodents from their properties. Summer is apparently an unusual time for [...]

Snakes Are The Least of WA Concerns

According to a recent study, Western Australians are the least confident when it comes to dealing with bites and stings from venomous creatures. A survey conducted by a company that supplies [...]

Neighbourhood at War with Bed Bugs

The next time you see a bug in your home be thankful it’s not bed bugs. Bed bugs were a real problem in the early 1900s but now nearly 100 years later, there’s been a resurgence in [...]

Why We Need to Give Spiders A Break

Although the discovery of spiders in our homes is the stuff of nightmares, homeowners are being urged not to call the fumigators just yet. Spraying these insects alone and then going about your [...]

Why Bees are in Trouble

We’ve all heard rumours that the bee population is in trouble but a key finding published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society reveal why. Poor nutrition and pesticide exposure [...]

Experts Warn Against Mosquito Bites This Summer

People across Western Australian, whether on holiday or residents are being advised by the Department of Health to be vigilant against mosquitoes. This is the peak period for mosquito borne [...]

Australia’s Deadly Dirty Dozen Insects

A dirty dozen of foreign insects and plants are apparently making their way around Australia, posing a threat to ecology. Among the worst of them is the red imported fire ant according to the [...]

Why Cockroaches Are Survivors

Cockroaches are probably the most annoying critter in the home but research has proven just how resilient these creatures are. According to researchers, these insects can change the way their [...]