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Russian Town’s Insect Apocalypse

The Russian port city of Taganrog in the country’s south was recently swarmed by midges in what some described as an apocalyptic type event. Video footage was captured of a man displaying [...]

World’s Most Dangerous Insects

Here are the world’s most dangerous insects. From ants whose bite feels like being shot by a gun to mosquitoes that spread deadly malaria, here are the insects you’ll want to avoid.

How to Safely Remove Bugs from Your Car

Insects can be a real pain when you drive long distance, splattering all over your car and they’re a nightmare to clean. Here’s a video that shows you how to get your car clean after [...]

The Biggest Insects on Earth

If you’ve witnessed some big insects in your time, you may be wondering what the biggest insects on earth may be? This video features some of the largest insects found on our planet which I [...]

An Insect Bite That Can Lead to Heart Disease

You may be shocked to know that a rare parasitic disease, that can lead to heart failure or stroke, is common in the United States affecting 300,000 people. Chagas disease in the sickness spread [...]

This Six Year Old Suffered a Near Fatal Insect Bite

A mum in North Carolina is encouraging parents to pay attention to their kids insect bites after her six year son almost died from a mosquito bite. After the bite the child began crying and [...]

Insect Repellent Explodes Killing A Man

A reminder of why we should avoid bug sprays if possible and opt for insect screens instead (if at all possible) to protect our families has emerged in the Barkly Region. A can of insect [...]

London Insect Farmers Promoting the Consumption of Bugs

An insect farm in London is farming insects for human consumption including meal worms, kingworms and crickets, producing 50kg of food every 8 weeks. The farm is Britain’s first and the [...]

Global Warming Could Boost Insect Numbers

According to research from University of Washington climate Scientist Curtis Deutsch, as the world gets warmer, insects will abound and threaten our food sources. The study found that hungry [...]

Insect Ancestors Were Enormous

Insect ancestors go way back at least 400 million years ago, according to Texac A&M AgriLife Extension Office insect specialist Wizzie Brown. According to the expert, an extinct group of [...]